Exploring The Top 6 Basic Classes in Soul Knight Prequel

Top 6 Basic Classes

6 Basic Classes
6 Basic Classes in Soul Knight Prequel

The Soul Knight prequel introduces us to a diverse range of six basic classes. Each class comes with its own unique set of abilities, strengths, and playstyles, providing players with an array of choices to suit their preferences. In this article, we’ll delve into the details of each class, exploring their skills, attributes, and strategic advantages.

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1. Eise: The Stalwart Defender

6 Basic Classes
EISE: The Stalwart Defender

Soul Knight Prequel’s Eise class, and a formidable defense class. Eises are ruled by the power of SD Stat and represent unflinching defense. Let’s examine their range of abilities

Indomitable Blows: unleashing powerful attacks that damage enemies and grant resolve.

Basic Training: Bonus base stats depending on skill level.

Steadfast: Empowering blocks to unleash shock waves and enhance resolve resistance

Conditioning: Bonus resistances

Kinetic Barrier: Deploy a force barrier to absorb incoming damage.

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2. Thief: The Agile Assassin

6 Basic Classes
THIEF: The Agile Assassin

Another main class in the Soul Knight Prequel is the Thief, who is particularly strong at physical damage, mobility, and critical strikes. Let’s discover the trade secrets of the cunning

Premeditated Strikes: Inflicting significant damage every fourth attack

Basic Training: Bonus base stats

Tech Full Swoop: Dash forward, avoiding attacks and enabling the next skill to trigger twice.

Vindictive Aura: Locking a percentage of mana to provide allies with a powerful aura

Throwing Daggers: Damaging enemies with multiple thrown daggers

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3. Archer: Master of Ranged Precision

6 Basic Classes
Archer: Master of Ranged Precision

The Archer class in Soul Knight Prequel is adept at inflicting physical damage from a distance. Archers rule the battlefield with accuracy and expertise, guided by the dexterity deck stat

Dextra Shots: consecutive attacks granting a stacking bonus to crit chance

Basic Training: Bonus base stats

True Shot Aura: Allies gain an aura, locking a percentage of mana.

Precision Barrage: unleashing a downpour of arrows on surrounding enemies.

Cloud Pierce or Shot: Firing a shot that pierces and knocks back enemies.

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4. Tancer: The Flame-wielding Mage

6 Basic Classes
TANCER: The Flame-wielding Mage

In Soul Knight Prequel, the Tancer is a magic damage dealer who specializes in dealing fire damage. Tancers, controlled by the intelligent stat, unleash a devastating force of flames

Pyro Clad: Chance to gain a shield upon taking damage, increasing defense and fire resistance.

Basic Training: Bonus base stats

Fireball: sending forth multiple fireballs to track enemies.

Flamethrower: Expelling flames in a damaging frontal cone

Volcanic Rift: Creating a volcanic rift at a target area

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5. Tempest Mage: Master of Elemental Fury

6 Basic Classes
TAMPEST MAGE: Master of Elemental Fury

In the Soul Knight prequel, Tempest Mages, experts in magic who can deal shock and cold damage, rule the battlefield. Tempest Mages use the elements to their advantage, with the intelligence stat having an influence

Smooth sailing: increasing the chance for elemental damage to inflict ailments

Basic Training: Bonus base stats

Invoke Thunder: Summon a fulminating blast to obliterate the target and trigger chain lightning.

Ball Lightning: magically releasing an orb of plasma that continuously attacks enemies.

Blizzard: conjuring a violent blizzard in a target area, dealing continuous damage.

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6. Warrior: The Close-quarters Destroyer

6 Basic Classes
WARRIOR: The Close-quarters Destroyer

Warriors in Soul Knight Prequel are playable during character development and concentrate on close-quarters fighting, doing a lot of damage with a range of weapons. Warriors, who are controlled by the strength of their fast TR stat, are strong and durable.

Rhythm of War: Normal attacks are empowered to grant battle lust, increasing overall damage.

Basic Training: Bonus base stats

Wind Ren Slash: Unleashing a projected slash with your melee weapon

Aggression Aura: Nearby allies’ weapons gain an aggression aura.

Whirlwind Slash: Becoming a whirlwind of death, dealing multiple instances of damage

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7. Animancer: The Newcomer in Beta

6 Basic Classes
ANIMANCER: The Newcomer in Beta

Recently added to Soul Knight Prequel’s beta test, The Animancer opens up a curious new world.

Introduction to Animancer: A recent addition to the beta test with unique skills and combination classes

Unlocking Animancer: Initially locked behind the beta’s battle pass.

Expectations for the Official Launch: Speculations on potential changes in the official game release

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As we navigate the realm of SKP classes, players can choose their favorites based on individual playstyles. Whether you prefer the defensive prowess of Eise, the agile finesse of Thief, or the elemental fury of Tempest Mage, the Soul Knight prequel offers a diverse gaming experience.

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1. Can I switch between classes during gameplay?

No, your chosen class remains constant during a gaming session.

2. Are there any prerequisites to unlock Animancer?

As per the beta, Animancer was locked behind the battle pass, but official release details may vary.

3. Which class is recommended for long-range attacks?

Archer excels at dealing physical damage from a distance.

4. Is there a limit to the number of classes I can try in the Soul Knight prequel?

Players can explore all six classes, experimenting with each one’s unique abilities.

5. How do I maximize the effectiveness of the warrior’s battle lust?

Engage in continuous attacks to maintain battle lust and boost overall damage.

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