Soul Knight Prequel | Unlimited One Punch Farm Trick, Golden Crab Challenge Guide

Unlimited One Punch Farm Trick Step-by-Step Guide

Unlimited One Punch
One Punch Farm Trick! (Golden Crab)

Tired of waiting to face the Golden Crab? This guide unlocks the secret to farming powerful gear and dominating this boss in the Soul Knight Prequel!

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The Golden Crab Challenge

Unlimited One Punch
The Golden Crab Challenge

The Golden Crab poses a unique challenge, restricting encounters to twice a week in a single save. Explore the step-by-step solution to overcome this limitation.

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Step 1: Crafting the Ultimate Solution

Unlimited One Punch
Crafting the Ultimate Solution

Fresh Start: Create a new save file for more Golden Crab fights and chances at loot.

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Step 2: Setting the Stage

Unlimited One Punch
Setting the Stage

Pick Adventure Mode and play as a Thief/Archer. This is the best class for this strategy.

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Step 3: Early Gear Grab:

Spend a few keys on level 1 chests in the new save. Look for 2-3 valuable gold items.

Step 4: Strategic Item Gathering

Unlimited One Punch
Strategic Item Gathering

Spend a few keys to open chests at level 1. Look for 2-3 gold-colored items (these are good!). Keep these gold items in your main save file for later.

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Step 5: Gear Enhancement

Unlimited One Punch
Gear Enhancement

Main Save Power Up: Upgrade your gear to +3 in your main save file.

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Step 6: Returning to Power

Unlimited One Punch
Returning to Power

Level 3 Upgrade: Equip the gold items you stored from the new save at level 3 in your main save.

Step 7: Triumphing Over the Boss

With your powerful gear, you’re ready to fight the Golden Crab! After you win, put the gold items back in storage.

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Step 8: Sustaining the Cycle

Keep doing this loop (new save, get items, upgrade main save) to get a constant flow of strong items. You’ll keep beating the Crab and getting better rewards!

Step 9: Another Method

Unlimited One Punch
NPC Farriette for boss items

If you have boss cards, you can team up with a friend. They can use a special character (Farriette) to get boss items even at level 1. This saves time but might cost more.

Bonus Tips and Beyond

This guide offers additional tricks to maximize efficiency. Plus, it breaks free from the limitation of facing the Golden Crab only twice a week.

Alternative Method

For those with a cooperative spirit, the guide explores an alternative method using boss cards and NPC Farriette (this requires more resources and teamwork).

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This guide unlocks an advanced farming technique in Soul Knight Prequel. While it requires some planning and resource management, the rewards of repeatedly crushing the Golden Crab are well worth the effort! So, grab your Thief/Archer gear and get ready to farm like a pro!

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1. How many times can I encounter the Golden Crab in a single save?

The Golden Crab can be encountered twice a week in a single save.

2. Is the Alternative Method with boss cards worth it?

It depends on your priorities. **It saves time but may cost more resources.

3. Can I use the one-punch trick with any class?

While possible, the guide recommends starting with the thief/archer class for optimal results.

4. How long does it take to master the one-punch trick?

Mastery varies, but with consistent practice, players can become proficient in a relatively short time.

5. Are there alternative strategies for enhancing gear?

Experiment with different approaches, but the guide’s outlined strategy has proven effective for many players.

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