Soul Knight Prequel | All Guns Details, Master Purple, Orange Categories and How to Obtain Them

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Let’s talk about Soul Knight Prequel guns! These special purple weapons are powerful and have unique effects that make them exciting to find. Get ready to battle tough monsters to add these awesome guns to your collection!

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Guns in Soul Knight Prequel

Purple weapons are super cool to find! They’re strong and they have special effects. To get them, you’ll need to beat tough monsters that drop these powerful weapons. (Orange weapons are different; you can build those using cards.) 

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Orange Guns

Buccaneer Captain’s Naval Cannon

All Guns
Buccaneer Captain’s Naval Cannon

Our first highlight is the Buccaneer Captain’s Naval Cannon. This pirate-themed gun packs a punch with its cannonball attacks. The charge attack, in particular, is a showstopper, unleashing a group of cannonballs that transform into menacing shark tails. Keep those charge attacks coming to control the chaos!

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C6H8O6 Ordnance

All Guns
C6H8O6 Ordnance

We have the C6H8O6 Ordnance, a boss weapon found in Esoteria. Its normal attacks shoot laser bullets, but the charge attack takes it up a notch, firing consecutive long-range laser beams. Mastering this weapon can turn the tide of any battle.

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Slimy Soaker

All Guns
Slimy Soaker

The Slimy Soaker, a slime boss gun, is our last orange weapon. Its normal attacks deal shock damage with laser bullets, while the charge attack shoots a group of slime that sticks to enemies, causing fiery havoc. Watch out for the explosive results!

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Purple Guns

Portable Ordnance

The Portable Ordnance is obtained from monsters in Ruin Citadel. Its normal attack shoots small cannonballs, but the charge attack is where the magic happens—one large cannonball that splits into smaller ones in a circular form upon impact. Precision is key with this weapon.

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Wooden Flintlock

From Murkwood Monsters comes the Wooden Flintlock. Its dull normal attacks shoot plain arrows, but the charge attack summons tree trunks, dealing substantial damage. A perfect choice for strategic players.

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Now, let’s talk about the Peashooter, a pistol with a unique charge attack animation. Obtainable by defeating specific monsters, it shoots one bullet from each gun at a time. The charge attack adds a poison effect, making it a deadly choice in the right hands.

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Warmech Twincannons

Another dual pistol in our lineup is the Warmech Twincannon. Normal attacks shoot small projectiles akin to beans, but the charge attack steals the spotlight, propelling you at astonishing speeds. Zoom through enemies with style!

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Missile Launcher

The missile launcher is a unique weapon with no normal attack. Acquired from specific monsters, you must first charge up rockets to unleash powerful shots. A strategic choice for players who prefer a calculated approach.

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Buccaneer’s Blunderbuss

Enter the Buccaneer’s Blunderbuss, another dual pistol, this time from Seir Crest Haven. Its normal attack shoots regular cannonballs, but the charge attack features a cool dash animation, reminiscent of a shotgun blast. Get ready for some close-quarters action!

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Void Handcannon

Adding more dual pistols to the mix is the Void Handcannon. This one shoots dark bullets, and its charge attack creates a dark Beyblade, spinning and dealing damage to everything in its path. Unleash the darkness on your foes!

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Void Rifle

Our final gun is the Void Rifle, obtained from specific monsters. It shoots dark bullets, and the charge attack transforms it into a shotgun, offering a versatile playstyle for those who crave firepower.

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Soul Knight prequel is loaded with awesome guns! Each one has its own special features, so you can find the perfect fit for your playstyle. From big booms to sneaky shots, there’s a gun for everyone!

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1. Can I obtain purple weapons without facing specific monsters?

Purple weapons are exclusively dropped by certain monsters, adding an element of challenge to the game.

2. Are charge attacks essential for effective gameplay?

While not mandatory, mastering charge attacks can significantly enhance your combat effectiveness.

3. Which dual pistol is the most versatile?

The Warmech Twincannons stand out for their speed and agility, making them a top choice for many players.

4. How do I deal with the explosive effects of Slimy Soaker’s charge attack?

Stay nimble and be prepared to dodge, as the explosive slime can catch both you and your enemies off guard.

5. What makes the missile launcher unique among Soul Knight Prequel weapons?

The absence of a normal attack sets the missile launcher apart, requiring players to strategically charge up rockets for maximum impact.

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