All Locations where you can farm Red Equipment in Soul Knight Prequel

Soul Knight Prequel
All locations where you can farm Red Equipment

Soul Knight Prequel, the pursuit of power and rare treasures drives warriors to seek out legendary red equipment. Today, we embark on a journey to explore the sacred places where these elusive items can be farmed on the insanely difficult level.

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Flaring Draconic Vortex G+5: Insane Ring

Red Equipment
Flaring Draconic Vortex G+5: Insane Ring

Location: Scoroching Volcano

Uncover the secrets of the ‘Flaring Draconic Vortex G+5’ and its insane ring by venturing into the treacherous ‘Scorching Volcano’ map. Engage both regular and elite bosses in swift combat without the need to clear the menacing hordes of monsters.

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Soul Calibre G+9: Insane Crossbow

Red Equipment
Soul Calibre G+9: Insane Crossbow

Seek Out: Halcyon Cemetery

Embark on a quest to the eerie ‘Halcyon Cemetery’ map to acquire the formidable ‘Soul Calibre G+9’ insane crossbow. Face the formidable ‘Skeleton King’ in combat to claim this powerful weapon.

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One Punch G: Insane Fist Weapon

Red Equipment
One Punch G: Insane Fist Weapon

Elusive Appearance: Guardsman Wright’s Location

Discover the rare ‘One Punch G’ insane fist weapon, which materializes in the ‘Guardsman Wright’ locations every Saturday. Ignore the lurking monsters and head straight to the boss for a chance to obtain this formidable weapon. However, consider accumulating gold as this map is rich in it.

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Heart of Ice: Insane Necklace

Red Equipment
Heart of Ice: Insane Necklace

Mysterious Origins: EverFrost Peaks

Delve into the icy expanse of ‘EverFrost Peaks’ to uncover the enigmatic ‘Heart of Ice’ insane necklace. While its appearance among regular bosses is uncertain, many claim to have found it while confronting elite bosses. Originally a limited edition from the 2023 Christmas season, its future availability remains shrouded in mystery.

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Final Weapon for Red Equipment

Defeating the Varkolyn Boss

Rumors persist about an unnamed final gun, possibly obtainable only by defeating the formidable ‘Varkolyn’ boss in story mode. However, the quest to confirm its existence proves elusive, with many players unable to locate or meet anyone who possesses this elusive weapon.

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The Virtue of Patience

Acquiring these red items demands unparalleled patience. Their scarcity emphasizes the need for perseverance and dedication in your quest for ultimate power.


In Soul Knight Prequel, the allure of red equipment beckons brave warriors. Explore the designated locations, face formidable bosses, and enhance your arsenal with these legendary items. Patience and determination will be your greatest allies in this pursuit.

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1. Are these red items guaranteed drops from bosses?

While some are more commonly found when defeating elite bosses, the certainty of drops from regular bosses remains uncertain.

2. Is the final gun obtainable, or is it just a rumor?

The existence of the final gun remains unconfirmed, adding an air of mystery to the already enigmatic world of Soul Knight.

3. What’s the best strategy for farming gold in Guardsman Wright’s location?

Ignore the monsters and focus on defeating the boss for the rare ‘One Punch G’ while collecting ample gold.

4. Can the ‘Heart of Ice’ necklace be farmed during any season?

Its origins as a limited edition for the 2023 Christmas season raise doubts about its availability in the future.

5. How frequently does the ‘One Punch G’ appear in Guardsman Wright’s location?

The insane fist weapon appears only once every Saturday, so plan your expeditions accordingly.

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