Soul Knight Prequel | New SEASON 1 Upcoming Major Update, New Class, New Skins & Release Date

Soul Knight Prequel
New SEASON 1 Upcoming Major Update

Today, we have a major, official announcement from the Chinese Chili Room regarding Season 1 of Soul Knight Prequel. No need to worry; this information is straight from the source. Let’s dive into the exciting details without further delay.

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New Chilly Village in New SEASON 1

New Chilly Village

The first glimpse we get is of the new Chilly Village, and as expected, it carries a captivating Chinese theme. The image showcases a bottle with the yin and yang at its center, a visually stunning addition that sets the tone for what’s to come.

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New Maps and Bosses

New Maps and Bosses

we now have crystal-clear, high-definition 4K images of the new maps and bosses. A sneak peek of the map in the background adds to the anticipation, promising a thrilling experience for players.

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New Naturalist of Dendr Class

In this season, the Naturalists of Dendr emerge as the sole new class. For in-depth information, check out the link provided in the description. Get ready for a new gameplay dynamic with this intriguing addition.

New Armor Sets and Weapons

The excitement continues with glimpses of the latest armor sets and weapons. The variety and design of these items promise a fresh and dynamic gaming experience.

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New Fate Bound Sets

New Skins
New Fate Bound Sets

Explore the new fate-bound sets, adding another layer of strategy to the game. Each set brings its own unique attributes, contributing to diverse and engaging gameplay.

Soul Knight Prequel New Lore

Soul Knight Prequel New Lore

Beyond just images, these teasers hint at new Soul Knight prequel lore. Uncover the mystery behind the visuals and gear up for an event that promises to deepen the game’s narrative.

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Black Evil Currency

Introducing the Black Evil Currency—a new in-game currency that can be earned in event rooms. Learn how to accumulate this currency for exciting in-game opportunities.

Secret Event Rooms

Secret Event Rooms

Prepare for a game-changer! Encounter secret event rooms in specific maps and levels, where you’ll face an unknown number of monsters. This addition adds an element of surprise and challenge to the gameplay.

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Changes in Farming Cards

Discover how the introduction of secret event rooms impacts card farming. Will it make farming cards easier? Dive into the details to find out.

Season 1 Battle Pass

Season 1 Battle Pass

Get a sneak peek at the Season 1 Battle Pass, featuring enticing skins and the inclusion of the Naturalist class. Don’t miss out on the exclusive rewards that come with the battle pass.

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Fitting Room Addition

Fitting Room Addition

The fitting room is a new addition where dropped outfits are stored, allowing players to equip them directly. It’s a convenient feature that adds a touch of personalization to your gameplay.

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In conclusion, Season 1 of Soul Knight Prequel brings a plethora of exciting additions, from new classes and maps to intriguing lore and currencies. The game is evolving, promising players a fresh and engaging experience. Get ready to explore the wonders of the new season on 25th January.

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1. When is Season 1 releasing?

The release date for Season 1 is 25 January , stay tuned for updates!

2. How can I earn Black Evil Currency?

Black Evil Currency can be earned in event rooms—explore and conquer to collect it.

3. What’s the significance of Fate Bound Sets?

Fate Bound Sets bring unique attributes to the game, enhancing your gameplay strategy.

4. Tell me more about the Season 1 Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass features exciting skins and includes the new Naturalist class—don’t miss out on exclusive rewards.

5. How does the fitting room work?

The fitting room stores dropped outfits for easy access, allowing players to equip them directly.

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