Gold Skull Rum, Grave News, and Sovereigns Location, Full Guide | Skull and Bones

A Guide to Gold Skull Rum, Grave News, and Sovereigns

Skull and Bones
Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones offers a world brimming with pirate adventures, and knowing how to acquire valuable resources and complete intriguing missions is key to success. Here’s a breakdown of how to obtain Gold Skull Rum, embark on the Grave News investigation, and earn Sovereigns.

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How Get Gold Skull Rum

Gold Skull Rum
Gold Skull Rum
  1. Seek the Barkeep: Start your rum quest in Sainte-Anne’s tavern. Chat with the barkeep, who’ll provide instructions on reaching the Helm.
  2. Upgrade Your Smuggling Operations: Head to the Helm and invest 10 Smuggler Pass Tokens to reach level 7 in smuggling. Complete smuggling and hunting missions efficiently to acquire these tokens.
  3. Refine Your Rum: Visit the Helm’s Rum Distillery and transform White Rum into the coveted Gold Skull Rum.

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How to Get Grave News Investigation Mission

Grave News
Grave News
  1. Complete the Devil’s Gambit: This crucial main mission unlocks the Grave News investigation.
  2. Infiltrate the Fort: Your objective is to sneak into a British fort and steal a valuable map hinting at hidden treasure.
  3. Follow the Clues: Scurlock provides a map and hints to locate Caradec, the pirate who stole the treasure.
  4. Search Reef Sea, Red Isle: Find evidence of Caradec’s ship, the Royal Louis.
  5. Uncover the Royal Burial Ground: The map marks the treasure’s location, an outpost on Red Isle.

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How to Get Sovereigns

  1. Achieve Kingpin Rank: Gain notoriety by completing side projects, main contracts, participating in global events, exploring, and discovering wealth.
  2. Launch Your Helm Empire: Complete the “A Nose For Business” main contract to establish your Helm Empire and start earning Pieces of Eight.
  3. Climb the Leaderboard: Participate in weekly and seasonal leaderboards. By accumulating Pieces of Eight and facing other Kingpin players, you’ll ascend the tiers and earn Sovereigns.

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1. How can I quickly level up my smuggling operations?

  • Prioritize smuggling and hunting missions that offer Smuggler Pass Tokens as rewards.
  • Participate in world events with smuggling-related objectives.

2. Where can I find more clues about Caradec and the treasure?

  • Explore the Reef Sea, Red Isle thoroughly. Interact with NPCs and search for hidden objects that might provide hints.
  • Pay attention to environmental details and markings on the map.

3. How do I earn more sovereigns efficiently?

  • Focus on activities that generate high amounts of Pieces of Eight, like completing high-difficulty contracts.
  • Aim for higher leaderboard tiers, as rewards increase with your ranking.
  • Participate in seasonal leaderboards for a fresh start and climb the ranks for more sovereigns.

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