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SAMBUK Ship Build Guide

SAMBUK Ship Build
SAMBUK Ship Build Guide

Today we will talk about SAMBUK Ship Build Guide for Skull and Bones. Unleash the devastating power of the SAMBUK with our strategic tips for optimizing damage output, handling group encounters, and dominating solo engagements.

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High DPS Ship in Skull and Bones: The Sambuk

  • Blazing Damage: The Sambuk deals fire damage and inflicts a 5,000-point burning effect on enemies with the Blaze effect. This effect spreads to nearby ships within a 150m radius.
  • Enhanced Damage: The Sambuk deals 50% more damage to ships with the Blaze effect, making it incredibly potent in close combat.

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Strategic Weapon Placement on the Sambuk

  • Front Cannons: Ideal for main firepower, focus on high-damage options.
  • Top Deck Cannons: Offer significant damage potential, consider long-range options.
  • Side Cannons: Use fire-based weapons for continuous damage, consider Skarlet Long Nines for immediate impact.
  • Scurlock Long Nines: Leverage their Mass Breaker talent for massive damage.

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Optimizing Damage and Defense

  • Weapon Placement: Strategically allocate fire-based weapons to front/back for continuous damage and Skarlet Long Nines on sides for immediate impact.
  • Armor: Equip Black Prince armor for extra damage reduction under low health.
  • Auxiliary Options: Consider Leopold Rockets or other weapons that suit your playstyle.
  • Ship Furniture: Enhance damage or reduce damage taken to maximize combat performance.

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Strategic Weapon Enhancements and Testing

  • Enhancements: Focus on increased damage to burning ships and faster Blaze effect charge rate.
  • Testing: Against powerful enemies like World Bosses to showcase build effectiveness.
  • Strategic Buffs: Utilize buffs and maneuvers to further complement the build’s capabilities.

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Efficiency of Fire-Based Weaponry

  • Target Elimination: Fire bombards and strategic placement quickly eliminate enemies, making it ideal for hostile takeovers and world events.
  • Group Encounters: Setting multiple ships ablaze within 150m radius enhances effectiveness, making it a dominant force in naval combat.

Effectiveness Against World Bosses

  • Weak Point Destruction: Fire-based weaponry and precision damage from long cannons destroy weak points quickly.
  • Swift Elimination: Enables efficient boss defeat, leading to lucrative rewards.

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Blaze Damage Against Resilient Enemies

  • Weakening Defenses: Consistent Blaze application weakens even the toughest enemies, facilitating easier elimination.
  • Potent Weapons: Flamethrowers and Zama Zama’s demonstrate effectiveness against challenging foes.

Solo Engagements with Multiple Ships

  • Chain Reaction: Setting one ship ablaze triggers a chain reaction, eliminating multiple enemies effortlessly.
  • Combined Strategy: Blaze damage and precise targeting exploit weak spots for efficient victories.

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I hope this article was helpful for you guys, and if I get more information, I will upload a new article. If I forgot something, please let me know in the comment section or contact us. Please support the Tech_DIY team by sharing this article.


  1. What makes the Sambuk unique?
    • Deals high fire damage & burns enemies, spreading to nearby ships.
    • Deals bonus damage to burning ships, making it potent in close combat.
  2. How do I maximize damage output?
    • Use fire-based weapons & strategically place them for different attack angles.
    • Enhance weapons with increased damage to burning ships & faster Blaze effect charge.
  3. Is the Sambuk good for solo or group play?
    • Both! It’s potent in group encounters due to its AoE burning effect.
  4. How do I handle multiple enemies solo?
    • Set one ship ablaze near others to trigger a chain reaction, then exploit weak points.
  5. What are the Sambuk’s strengths compared to other ships?
    • Excels in fire damage & burning effects, but other ships might offer different strengths. Experiment to find your preference!

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