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How To Get Blue Specter Weapon

Blue Specter
A step-by-step guide to getting Blue Specter Weapon

Skull and Bones, an action-packed game, offers players the chance to acquire the powerful Blue Specter weapon.The Blue Specter isn’t just a cosmetic upgrade but also a powerful weapon that enhances both the aesthetics and gameplay of your ship.

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Respawn Time

Item Guide

Forget aimless wandering! The Blue Specter weapon roams the seas aboard ghost ships, which respawn every 30 minutes. Use this knowledge to your advantage. Every half hour, check the in-game clock and head to the designated locations (shown in the image).

Spawn Points Location

Blue Specter
Spawn Points Location

Navigate between two specific locations: the Oblique Outpost and the Eastern Gate sea area (southeast of Rang Nok Cave). This ensures you cover both potential spawn points for the ghost ship.

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The Respawn Advantage

Remember, the ghost ship respawns even during the daytime. This mechanic allows you to farm efficiently throughout the day, maximizing your chances of encountering the Blue Specter.

See It Before Engaging

Blue Specter
See It Before Engaging

Before engaging the ghost ship, verify the Blue Specter’s presence through your telescope. No need for unnecessary boarding! If it’s not there, sail on to the next respawn point and try again.

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Get Without the Fight

Gather your crew, for the Blue Specter can be obtained by multiple players without combat. As long as the ghost ship carries the weapon, everyone in your party can claim it. Coordinate your efforts and communicate effectively to ensure a smooth acquisition process

Enhanced Damage

The Blue Specter enhances your ship’s damage with superheated deals, allowing you to inflict greater harm on your targets.This makes it an invaluable asset in battles against rival pirates and other enemies.

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  • Locations: Oblique Outpost and Eastern Gate Sea Area (southeast of Rang Nok Cave).
  • Timing: Check every 30 minutes (day or night).
  • Verification: Use your telescope before boarding.
  • Multiplayer: Share the loot (and skip the fight!).

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1. How long does it take to get the Blue Specter?

  • With strategic planning and efficient farming, you can acquire the Blue Specter within a day!

2. Where does the Blue Specter spawn?

  • The Blue Specter appears on ghost ships that respawn every 30 minutes at two locations: Oblique Outpost and the Eastern Gate sea area (southeast of Rang Nok Cave).

3. Can I check for the Blue Specter without fighting the ghost ship?

  • Absolutely! Use your telescope to confirm the Blue Specter’s presence before engaging in combat. This saves time and effort if it’s not there.

4. Can multiple players get the Blue Specter from the same ghost ship?

  • Yes! As long as the ghost ship carries the weapon, everyone in your party can obtain it without needing to fight each other. Teamwork is key!

5. What are the benefits of the Blue Specter?

  • This fiery weapon deals superheated damage and increases overall damage output, making it a powerful asset in ship-to-ship battles.

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