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Skull and Bones Massive Fix Update

Massive Fix Update
Skull and Bones Massive Fix Update (Image Courtesy: Ubisoft)

A new maintenance is arriving in Skull and Bones today for the Massive Fix Update, Tuesday, March 5th. You’ll be temporarily unable to access the game during this time:

Maintenance Window:

  • Start: 3 AM CET / 1 PM AET (March 4th), / 6 PM PT
  • Duration:Approximately 1 hour

Once the servers are back online, you’ll find a smoother sailing experience thanks to the following fixes:

Fixed Issues:

  • Wildlife Loot:You can now correctly pick up loot after hunting wildlife.
  • Water Barrel Refill:Water barrels in Outposts will now properly respawn after their cooldown timer ends.
  • Point of Interest Interaction:You can now interact with points of interest even while in combat, and the “Interact” button should function correctly for all points.
  • “A Covert Initiation” Contract:Players can now access the Helm’s office while on this contract, and those progressing through “Taking the Helm” can now enter the office.
  • “Under a Storm” Contract:This contract objective can now be completed even if the Termites rocket launcher is equipped.
  • “Hunt or Hunted” Rewards:You can now open the Fara and Legendary Fara Chests obtained from defeating Joka Kubwa.
  • Captain’s Tool Blueprints:Players who lost their Captain’s Tool blueprints should be able to upgrade their tools once again.

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1. When is the maintenance happening?

Today, March 5th, starting at 3 AM CET / 1 PM AET (March 4th) / 6 PM PT (lasting about 1 hour).

2. What’s improved in the update?

The update fixes several issues, including: Smoother looting, reliable water refilling, seamless combat interaction, contract fixes, chest access, and Captain’s tool upgrade restoration.

3. Will I lose progress during the maintenance?

No, your game progress is safe.

4. What if I encounter issues after the update?

Report them to the official Skull & Bones channels or seek help from the game’s community forums.

5. What are the most exciting changes?

The ability to smoothly collect loot and interact with points of interest during combat are significant improvements for gameplay.

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