Palworld New Patch, Update v0.2.3.0: Faster Hatching, Bug Fixes, and Performance Improvements

Palworld Update v0.2.3.0
Palworld Update v0.2.3.0 Patch (Image Courtesy: Palworld )

Palworld New Patch, Update v0.2.3.0

A significant update, version, has arrived in Palworld for Steam players (with the Xbox version to follow shortly). This update focuses on enhancing the player experience by streamlining the hatching process, addressing reported bugs, and optimizing performance for dedicated servers.

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Faster Hatching with Electric Egg Incubators

One of the most exciting additions in this update is the significant boost to electric egg incubator efficiency. These incubators now operate at 1.5 times their previous speed, allowing you to welcome your new Pal companions into your team considerably faster. This adjustment streamlines the early stages of building your Pal team and empowers you to embark on adventures with your new partners more swiftly.

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Enhanced Online Play Performance

The update implements optimizations for dedicated servers, which are the backbone of online multiplayer functionality. These optimizations aim to improve overall performance and create a smoother online experience for players who enjoy exploring the world of Palworld with friends.

Bug Fixes Address Petting and Collision Issues

This update addresses two previously reported bugs. The first fix resolves an issue that prevented petting interactions with certain Pals. Now, you can express affection towards all your furry, feathery, or scaly companions without any limitations. Additionally, the update eliminates a bug that caused Pals stationed at your base to collide with each other on dedicated servers. This ensures a more seamless and immersive experience for players who utilize online features.

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Xbox-Specific Fixes and Minor Bug Resolution

For Xbox players, this update incorporates fixes for specific issues encountered on that platform. Additionally, the development team has addressed various minor bugs across the game, further refining the overall gameplay experience for all Palworld tamers.

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The Palworld v0.2.3.0 update offers a range of improvements designed to enhance player experience. From faster hatching times to smoother online play and resolved bugs.

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1. When is the update available for Xbox?

  • The update is currently available for Steam players. The Xbox version will be released soon, but no specific date has been announced yet.

2. How much faster do electric egg incubators work now?

  • Electric egg incubators now hatch eggs at 1.5 times their previous speed.

3. Will the update improve performance for single-player gameplay?

  • While the optimizations focus on dedicated servers used for online play, the update may also have a positive impact on single-player performance in some cases.

4. I couldn’t pet some of my Pals before. Is that fixed now?

  • Yes, this update addresses a bug that prevented petting interactions with certain Pals. Now you can show affection to all your companions!

5. What kind of bugs were fixed for the Xbox version?

  • The specific Xbox fixes haven’t been detailed publicly, but the update addresses known issues on that platform.

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