Stardew Valley 1.6: Mastery Cave Guide – Unlock Perks, Boost Your Farm

New Mastery cave in Stardew Valley!

Mastery cave
New Mastery cave in Stardew Valley

The 1.6 update brought a mysterious new addition to Stardew Valley The Mastery Cave! This guide will help you unlock its secrets and claim powerful perks to enhance your farm.

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Unlocking the Cave

Mastery Cave
Unlocking the Cave

Before you can explore the Mastery Cave, you’ll need to become a master of all trades! Get all five of your skills (Combat, Foraging, Farming, Fishing, and Mining) to level 10. Head to the bottom right corner of Cindersap Forest (by the sewer entrance) to find the hidden cave entrance.

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Inside the Cave

Mastery Cave
Inside the Cave

Grandpa awaits you inside, explaining this was his secret training ground. You’ll find a central pedestal tracking your Mastery progress and five areas representing each skill. Earn experience points in any skill to fill the Mastery bar. Once full, choose a perk from the corresponding skill for a permanent boost!

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Mastery Perks: Which Should You Choose First?

Each skill has special upgrades you can unlock. Here’s a quick look at what each one does:

Mastery Cave
Mastery Perks: Which Should You Choose First?
  • Combat: Gain a new trinket slot and the ability to reforge trinkets for better stats.
  • Foraging: Find Golden Mystery Boxes for rare items and learn recipes for a special tree and treasure totems.
  • Farming: Get an Iridium Scythe that harvests everything in one swing and increases grass yield. You’ll also gain access to a Blessing Statue for daily buffs and Golden Animal Crackers to permanently double animal product output.
  • Fishing: Craft an advanced rod that lets you use two bobbers at once, increasing your catch efficiency. Learn a recipe for special bait that triples perfect catch rewards. You’ll also encounter Golden Fishing Treasure Chests with valuable loot.
  • Mining: Craft a Statue of the Dwarf King that grants random mining buffs daily. You’ll also get a recipe for a Heavy Furnace that smelts more bars with less coal and faster than regular furnaces. Gem rocks will now yield double the gems!

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Recommended Progression

While there’s no single “best” order, here’s a path to maximize your benefits:

  • Farming: The Golden Animal Crackers for doubled animal production are a game-changer for income.
  • Combat: Unlocking trinkets offers valuable combat boosts and a helpful pet frog.
  • Mining: The Statue of the Dwarf King perks make mining smoother and more rewarding.
  • Fishing: The double-bobber rod and special bait significantly improve fishing efficiency.
  • Foraging: While great, the Foraging perks offer less immediate benefit compared to others.

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Want to see the Mastery Cave in action? We’ve included a helpful YouTube video below that takes you on a guided tour. You’ll see the entrance, the different perk displays, and get a feel for the overall experience.

Gaining Mastery XP Quickly

Planting Starfruit and Ancient Fruit provides a ton of XP per harvest. Skull Cavern dives offer a good chunk of both Combat and Mining XP. Regularly fishing also accumulates XP quickly, especially with fish ponds and crab pots.

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With dedication and this guide, you’ll soon master the Mastery Cave and become an even more accomplished Stardew Valley farmer!

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1. How do I unlock the Mastery Cave?

  • Reach level 10 in all five skills (combat, foraging, farming, fishing, and mining).
  • Find the hidden entrance at the bottom right corner of Cindersap Forest (by the sewe).

2. What’s inside the Mastery Cave?

  • A central pedestal to track your Mastery progress.
  • Five areas representing each skill where you can choose perks for permanent boosts.

3. How to get Mastery XP?

  • Earn experience points in any skill to fill the Mastery bar.
  • Planting Starfruit and Ancient Fruit (Farming), Skull Cavern diving (Combat & Mining), and regular fishing (especially with fish ponds and crab pots) are good ways to gain XP quickly.

4. Can I revisit the Mastery Cave after choosing a perk?

  • Yes! You can revisit the cave anytime to check your Mastery progress and choose new perks once you gain enough XP.

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