Stellar Blade: Beginner’s Guide to Combat, Exploration, Story and Extra Tips (PS5)

Stellar Blade: Beginner’s Guide

Stellar Blade
Stellar Blade: Beginner’s Guide

Stellar Blade‘ is an action-adventure game that features intense combat and exploration elements. Developed by SHIFT UP Corporation and published by Sony this Friday, April 26th, 2024, the game transports players to a post-apocalyptic Earth plagued by monstrous Naytibas.

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This guide will equip you with 10 essential tips to become a pro.

Get Ready to Fight for Earth:

  • Master the Block (Parry): Think of blocking like raising your shield in other games, but in Stellar Blade, blocking at the right moment lets you counterattack with fancy sword combos!
  • Learn Enemy Moves: Don’t just swing wildly! Watch enemy attack patterns and learn when to block or dodge (move out of the way).
  • Balance is Power: When you block enemy attacks at the right moment (called a parry), it stuns them. This is your chance to unleash a super strong attack (called a Retribution attack) to take them down quickly!

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  • More Than Just a Blade: Eve’s got a cool sword, but she also has a powerful gun for ranged attacks and special “Beta Attacks” for close-quarters combat. Don’t be afraid to mix things up!
  • Explore a Ruined World: Earth may be a wreck, but there’s still plenty to discover! Find secrets, overcome challenges, and navigate through awesome post-apocalyptic environments.

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  • Upgrade Your Skills: As you play, you’ll earn points to unlock new moves and improve your abilities. Become a stronger fighter by customizing your skills to fit your playstyle.
  • Unravel the Mystery: Fight for humanity and uncover the truth behind the Naytibas invasion in a thrilling story. The main adventure takes about 20 hours, but there’s even more to explore if you like!
  • Choose Your Difficulty: Feeling brave? Play on Normal for a challenge. Want to relax and enjoy the story? Story mode is perfect for beginners.

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  • Played the Demo? Great news! All your progress carries over to the full game, giving you a head start.
  • A Fresh Start for Stellar Development: This is the first console game from a passionate Korean developer, SHIFT UP. Get ready for a fresh and exciting new take on the action-adventure genre!

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See Stellar Blade in Action!

Want to see Stellar Blade’s fast-paced combat and stunning environments in motion? Check out these gameplay clips on YouTube:

Advanced Tips for Stellar Blade Masters:

Conquered the basics and ready to refine your skills? Here are some advanced tips to truly dominate the battlefield:

  • Perfect Parry Timing: Mastering the parry window unlocks a powerful “Perfect Parry” that instantly stuns enemies, opening them up for even more devastating combos. 
  • Beta Mastery: Experiment with different Beta Attacks to find your favorites. Remember, some Beta Attacks can be charged for a more powerful effect, indicated by a glowing red blade.

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  • Chaining Combos: Learn to seamlessly string together basic attacks, special moves, and dodges to create extended combos that maximize damage and keep enemies off-balance.
  • Environmental Mastery: The environment can be your weapon! Use destructible objects to damage enemies, launch them into hazards, or create advantageous positions.
  • Enemy Weaknesses: Different enemy types have specific weaknesses. Exploit these weaknesses with elemental attacks or specific weapon combos for quicker takedowns.

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Stellar Blade launches this Friday, April 26th, 2024 on PlayStation 5. Good luck!

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