A Guide to Medical Detective Quest in Gray Zone Warfare

Gray Zone Warfare: Medical Detective Quest

Medical Detective Quest
Gray Zone Warfare Medical Detective Quest

This guide will walk you through the “Medical Detective Quest” in Gray Zone Warfare, specifically for those following the Mithras faction path.

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Step 1: Elimination and Acquisition

Medical Detective Quest
Nam Thaven Doctor’s Office Key.

Our first objective is to obtain a key. Target any AI (Artificial Intelligence) enemies and loot their bodies. You’re looking for a specific item called the “Nam Thaven Doctor’s Office Key.” Once you have it, we’re moving on to the next phase.

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Step 2: Locating the Doctor’s Office

Medical Detective Quest
Locating the Doctor’s Office

Look straight ahead – you’ll see a building within your sights. That’s our destination! Head towards it and make your way inside.

Step 3: Navigate the Interior

Once inside the building, you’ll encounter various corridors and rooms. Take a right turn and proceed through this passage.

Step 4: Unlocking the Doctor’s Secrets

Keep moving forward until you reach a locked door. This is where the “Nam Thaven Doctor’s Office Key” comes in handy. Use the key to unlock the door and gain access to the restricted area.

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Step 5: Crucial Evidence

Medical Detective Quest
Crucial Evidence

Inside the unlocked room, your keen eyes will spot a critical piece of evidence – a journal lying on a desk (insert image of a journal on a desk here). This journal likely holds vital clues to the medical mystery you’re investigating. Grab the journal and be prepared to extract.

Step 6: Extraction

Medical Detective Quest

After securing the journal, Now it’s time to extract from the area. Check your in-game map to locate the nearest extraction point and get yourself and the journal to safety. Once you reach the extraction point and exfiltrate, you’ve successfully completed the “Medical Detective” quest

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This guide offers a general walkthrough for the Mithras faction. Enemy locations and specific building layouts may vary. For the most accurate steps:

Faction Specific Doctor’s Office Locations:

  • Lamang Recovery Initiative: You can find the doctor’s office in map square 205 163.
  • Mithras Security Systems: You can find the doctor’s office in map square 169 116.

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By following these steps and retrieving the doctor’s journal, you’ve taken a significant step forward in the “Medical Detective” quest. Now you can use the information within the journal to progress further in your investigation.

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1. I can’t find the enemy with the Doctor’s Office Key?

  • These enemies can spawn in various locations. If you’re struggling, consider looking up a faction-specific guide online. These guides often show common enemy spawn points for the quest.

2. Can I complete the quest with a group?

  • Working with a team can be a great strategy. Just make sure everyone focuses on securing the key and the journal while covering each other’s flanks.

3. What happens if I die during the quest?

  • If you die, you’ll lose any items you weren’t carrying securely (like the Doctor’s Office Key). You’ll respawn and need to retrieve the key again to continue the quest.

4. What rewards do I get for completing the quest?

  • Rewards can vary depending on your faction and progress in the game. They might include experience points, reputation with your faction, or valuable in-game items.

5. Is the doctor’s journal the only piece of evidence?

  • The doctor’s journal might be just the first step. There could be further investigation required based on the information you find inside.

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