It’s In The Water: A Simple Guide to Collecting Samples in Gray Zone Warfare

It’s In The Water: A Guide to Collecting Samples in Gray Zone Warfare

It's In The Water
It’s In The Water: A Guide to Collecting Samples in Gray Zone Warfare

This guide will help you complete the “It’s In The Water” mission in Gray Zone Warfare. Your objective is to collect three water samples from a potentially contaminated fishing village.

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It's In The Water
Sample Collection Kit:

Sample Collection Kit: Before heading out, grab a Sample Collection Kit from your mailbox and store it securely in your safe container.

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All Samples Location:

We’ll be collecting three different samples to see what’s going on in the fishing village. 

1. Soil Sample

Starting Point: Look at your map and find LZ India One. That’s where you’ll begin your adventure.

Follow the boat: Head towards Ban Pa. You’ll see a lone boat on your left. Keep it there as your guide.

Spot the Big Dirt Pile: Turn right and face the village. Take a few steps forward until you see a big mound of dirt. That’s your first stop!

Grab the Sample: Walk up to the dirt pile and use your sample collection kit. 

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2. Water Sample

Find the Well: Look for a well in the village. It’s a structure with a rope and bucket, where people get their water.

Fill Up Your Kit: Use your Sample Collection Kit on the well to get some of that water. Easy!

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3. Avian Tissue Sample

Find the Wooden House: Head towards the house made of wood in the village.

Spot the Bird Home: Look outside the house for a little birdhouse hanging around. Birds love to make their nests in these!

Swab the Birdhouse: Use your Sample Collection Kit on the birdhouse to snag a tiny bit of, well,

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Mission Complete!

You’ve done it! With all three samples collected, you’re ready to head back to Base Camp and finish the mission.

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