Duty To The Country: A Step By Step Shortcut Guide in Gray Zone Warfare

Duty To The Country: A Shortcut Guide to Complete this Mission

Duty To The Country
Duty To The Country: A Shortcut Guide to Complete this Mission

In Lab Rat’s “Duty to the Country” mission for Gray Zone Warfare. Forget about blasting your way through YBL-1’s enemy forces. This guide will show you a secret entrance to bypass them completely. This guide will also lead you right to their body, ensuring a smooth retrieval and mission success for Lab Rat.

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Finding the Mission:

The mission takes place at YBL-1, which is a large underground area. There are also many enemy soldiers.

Secret Entrance of the Bunker:

There’s a way to get to the mission area without having to fight all the enemies. Here’s how to find the secret entrance:

  • First, open your map and find YBL-1. It should look like a big bunker.
  • Look to the right side of the bunker on your map. You should see a small path leading up the hill.
  • Follow this path up the hill until you come to a fence with a gate.
  • There’s a hole in this fence. Drop down through the hole to get inside.

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Completing the mission:

Duty To The Country
Dead body
  • Once you’re through the hole, follow the tunnel forward.
  • You’ll come to two doors. Crouch down and go through both of them.
  • Turn left after you go through the doors. You should see a dead body on the ground to your right.
  • This is the important part! Walk up to the body and press the button that appears on your screen to interact with it. This will complete the mission.

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Can’t find Lab Rat’s informant in “Duty to the Country”? This guide shows you a secret way into YBL-1 to avoid the soldiers. Check out the YouTube video below for a walk-through. 

This guide provides a simple walk-through. In this guide, we explain how you can complete this mission with a shortcut.

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