Best 3 Animancer Combination Classes, Beta Test | Soul Knight Prequel

3 Animancer Combination Classes

Animancer Combination Classes
3 Animancer Combination Classes

Today, we’re delving into the intriguing realm of its three formidable Animancer combination classes in the Soul Knight Prequel. As we navigate through these unique combinations, you’ll not only witness the diversity of skills but also gain insights into the potential strategies that can make you an unstoppable force in the game.

The Animancer

In the recent beta test of the Soul Knight prequel, a new class emerged, captivating players with its mystique – the Animancer. While in the beta, access to the Animancer class was exclusive to the battle pass, there’s anticipation that the official game launch might bring new possibilities. Let’s not keep you waiting any longer; join us as we explore the Animancer’s skills and the thrills of its combination classes.

Animancer’s Base Skills Overview

Animancer Combination Classes
Animancer’s Base Skills Overview

Before we dive into the combination classes, let’s familiarize ourselves with the Animancer’s foundational skills:

1. Pred Deor Minions:

  • Minions gain a chance to bash enemies, stunning them briefly.
  • Lesser Gastal evolves into Mermaiden Reinforcer, summoning a shield-bearing ally boosting Allied defense.

2. Animated Phalanx:

  • Surround yourself with a levitating shield that damages enemies and blocks incoming projectiles.
  • Phalanx deals more damage with increased resolve.
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3. Semper Fidelis:

  • Denominate a summon with the highest life as your auxiliary.
  • Auxiliary shares damage with you and benefits from your resolve effects.

4. Summon Armaros:

  • Medium summon wielding a dropped weapon.
  • Extra stats are based on the weapon it controls in combat.

5. Soul Shackle:

  • Summons a circle, shackling the souls of enemies in a large area.
  • The Percentage of damage dealt to one enemy is shared with all others.

6. All for One:

  • Minions receive the same resolve as you upon summoning.
  • Increased damage as long as the effect persists.

Animancer and Eise Soulkeeper

Animancer and Eise Soulkeeper

Our journey begins with the combination of Animancer and Eise Soulkeeper, a commander exuding shared trust and determination. The Soulkeeper defends summoned minions with unwavering commitment, forming an unbreakable bond that challenges fate itself.

1. Pred Deor Minions Upgrade:

  • Added chance of stunning enemies.
  • Lesser Gastal evolves into a Mermaiden Reinforcer, radiating an aura boosting Allied defense.

2. Animated Phalanx Enhancement:

  • Levitating shield deals more damage with resolved Semper Fidelis.

3. Denominate Mastery:

  • Auxiliary bears a percentage of incoming damage and shares your resolve effects.

4. Summon Armaros Augmentation:

  • Armaros controls a dropped weapon with additional stats.
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5. Soul Shackle Amplification:

  • Circle now shackles the souls of enemies in a larger area.

6. All for One Empowerment:

  • Minions gain increased damage with resolved Semper Fidelis.

Animancer and Thief Shinobi

Thief Shinobi
Animancer and Thief Shinobi

Moving on to the second combination class – Animancer and Thief Shinobi. A nimble and elusive combination that employs esoteric arts of subterfuge to escape harm and manifest illusions to reinforce their numbers in combat.

1. Puppetry Skillset:

  • Increased crit rate of minions.
  • Crits have a chance to inflict bleed.

2. Shadow Clone Jutsu:

  • Create a shadow clone inheriting a percentage of your stats.

3. Grappling Strike:

  • Hook onto an enemy, dealing damage and inflicting bleed while dodging attacks.

4. Substitution Jutsu:

  • Existing shadow clone switches positions with you to dodge lethal strikes.

5. Shadow Clone Mastery:

  • Create multiple shadow clones that don’t count towards the summon limit.

6. Smokescreen Jutsu:

  • Create a smokescreen concealing all presence in a targeted area.

7. Shadow Mimesis:

  • All minions inherit a percentage of your dexterity.

Animancer and Pyromancer Heretic

Animancer and Pyromancer Heretic

Our final destination – Animancer and Pyromancer Heretic. An apostle reborn from the ashes, served by infernal minions eager to wreak havoc at bidding.

1. Unquenchable Ardor:

  • Embers attach to nearby units, combusting upon expiry.
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2. Thermal Incubation:

Circle generates Embers, transforming existing Embers into flaming hydras.

3. Immolation Ward:

  • Fortify allies with a fiery aura, scorching enemies attacking them.

4. Entropic Dilation:

  • Increases the duration of all your sustained attacks and fire ailments tick rate.

5. Pyromania:

  • Cause surrounding allies and enemies to burn, spreading fire ailments.

6. Incinerating Vortex:

  • Convoke a fiery maelstrom, dealing multiple fire damage to enemies.

7. Ember Born:

  • Gain extra fire damage based on a percentage of fire resistance.

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1. How do I unlock the Animancer class in the Soul Knight prequel?

Participate in the beta test or check for availability in the official game launch.

2. Are the combination classes fixed, or can I switch between them?

Combination classes are fixed, offering distinct playstyles. Choose wisely before diving into the battlefield.

3. Can I obtain the Animancer class without purchasing the battle pass?

While the beta had it locked behind the battle pass, official game launches might bring new unlocking methods.

4. What is the significance of resolve in Animancer’s skills?

Resolve enhances the Animancer’s abilities, affecting both summoned minions and personal skills.

5. Are there plans for additional combination classes in future updates?

Stay tuned for game updates, as developers may introduce new combination classes to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

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