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How To Get The Barque Ship Blueprint

Barque Ship
The Barque Ship

The Barque ship, A Desired Ship in Skull and Bones, embodies both peak performance and strategic significance. This guide delves into how to get Barque Ship and its distinct advantages compared to other ships,and explores methods for acquiring the crucial Smuggler Marks, and outlines a strategic plan for efficient acquisition.

The Talk About Season 1

Season 1 has arrived, and there’s one ship that’s on everyone’s wishlist: the Barque ship. Costing 45 Smugglers Marks, this ship has garnered immense attention. But how do you earn these elusive smuggler marks?

Earning Smuggler Marks

Barque Ship
Smuggler Marks

You can accumulate Smuggler Marks by gaining infamy or completing challenges. Every 1,000 Smuggler Points earns you one Smuggler Mark, which allows you to unlock items in your Smuggler’s Den.

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Quests and Challenges

Start some quests offered by various NPCs along the quest line. Completing three quests from NPCs like William Blackwood earns you 1,000 SP, contributing to your Smuggler Points. Additionally, turning in missions rewards you with Smuggler Points.

William Blackwood Location

  • Telok Penjarah and Sainte-Anne serve as the two primary hubs to find William Blackwood.
  • In Sainte-Anne, he can be found leaning on the statue near the docks, where cruise boarding takes place.
  • At Telok Penjarah, he is located near the warehouse and mailbox.

The Grind for Smuggler Marks

While there are plenty of opportunities to earn Smuggler Marks, it does require some grinding. With a timeframe of a few weeks to complete challenges and various waves of tasks, acquiring these marks won’t happen overnight.

Unlocking the Barque

To unlock the barque, you’ll need 45 Smuggler Marks. Here is the best guide to acquiring 45 Smuggler Marks as quickly as possible.

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1. Quarter Master Management: Utilize resources efficiently by managing the Quarter Master, Gunner Master, and Ship Master.

2. Prioritizing Upgrades: Focus on essential upgrades such as the LA Potentia and armor. Consider reaching level 12 for your ship before proceeding.

3. Unlocking Ship Upgrades: Decide between unlocking the LA Potentia or armor first, both of which reward you with a Smuggler Point upon unlocking.


The Barque Ship is an exciting addition to Skull and Bones Season 1, and unlocking it is a goal shared by many players. By strategically earning Smuggler Marks and managing upgrades, you’ll soon get to improvise with this impressive ship.

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1. How long does it take to earn 45 smuggler marks?

The timeframe varies based on your gameplay style and dedication, but it typically takes a few weeks of consistent effort.

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2. Can I purchase Smuggler Marks with real money?

No, Smuggler Marks cannot be purchased with real currency. They must be earned through gameplay.

3. Are there any shortcuts to earning Smuggler Marks?

While there are no direct shortcuts, focusing on completing challenges and quests efficiently can expedite the process.

4. Can I use Smuggler Marks for anything other than unlocking the barque?

Smuggler Marks can be used to unlock various items and upgrades in the Smuggler’s Den, offering a range of customization options.

5. Is the barque worth the effort to unlock?

Absolutely! The Barque is a highly sought-after ship in Skull and Bones Season 1, offering unique gameplay features and enhancing your overall experience.

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