Cleffa Hatch Day Event: Free-to-Play vs. Paid Bonuses | Pokemon Go

Cleffa Hatch Day Event

Cleffa Hatch Day Event
Pokemon go Cleffa Hatch Day Event

This article dives into the upcoming Cleffa Hatch Day event in Pokemon Go, scheduled for April 28th, 2024, from 2:00 p.m. . to 5:00 p.m. local time Niantic. Here’s a breakdown of the event’s features and a YouTuber’s reaction:

Event Features:

  • Cleffa Frenzy: Cleffa, the Fairy-type Pokemon, will hatch much more frequently from 2 km eggs.
  • Shiny Chance Up: Trainers will have an increased chance of hatching a Shiny Cleffa during the event.
  • Double Hatch Candy: Players will earn double the candy for hatching any egg.
  • More 2 KM Eggs: 2 km eggs will drop more frequently from PokéStops.
  • Free Timed Research: A free Timed Research will be available, rewarding players with a Super Incubator and XP upon completion. (Note: This research expires at the event’s end.)

Paid Timed Research ($1):

  • Double Stardust Bonus: Players who purchase the Timed Research will receive double Stardust when hatching eggs.
  • Star Piece, Super Incubator & XP: Completing the paid Timed Research grants a Star Piece, a Super Incubator, and additional XP.
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Extended Bonuses (April 26th – 28th):

  • Half Egg Hatch Distance: Enjoy half the usual distance requirement for hatching eggs placed in incubators during this period.
  • Field Research Rewards Stardust & XP: Event-themed Field Research tasks will be available at PokéStops, offering Stardust and XP as rewards.

YouTuber Reaction:

The included Youtube video excerpt expresses mixed feelings about the event:

  • Criticism of Paid Bonuses: The YouTuber finds the $1 Timed Research for double Stardust and extra rewards unnecessary. They believe this bonus should be included for free in the event.
  • Questioning Timing: The event’s arrival right after a controversial Avatar update is seen as poorly timed.

Free-to-Play vs. Paid:

The event offers a decent experience for free players with increased Cleffa hatches, double hatch candy, and a free Timed Research with a Super Incubator. However, players seeking double Stardust and additional rewards will need to purchase the $1 Timed Research.


The Cleffa Hatch Day offers a chance to stock up on Cleffa and potentially hatch a Shiny one. While free players get a good chunk of the benefits, maximizing rewards requires a paid purchase.

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1. Do I need to purchase anything to participate in Cleffa Hatch Day?

  • No, the core Cleffa Hatch Day features are free-to-play! You’ll enjoy increased Cleffa hatches, double hatch candy, more frequent 2 km eggs, and access to free Timed Research with a Super Incubator as a reward.

2. What are the benefits of buying the Timed Research for $1?

  • The paid Timed Research offers additional benefits on top of the free event features. You’ll receive double Stardust when hatching eggs during the event, a Star Piece, another Super Incubator, and extra XP upon completing the research tasks.

3. When does the half egg hatch distance bonus apply?

  • The half egg hatch distance bonus is an extended perk available from April 26th to April 28th. This means any eggs placed in incubators during this period will require only half the usual distance to hatch.
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4. How can I increase my chances of hatching a Shiny Cleffa?

  • The Cleffa Hatch Day event itself boosts the chance of hatching a Shiny Cleffa. Additionally, focusing on hatching 2 km eggs throughout the event gives you more opportunities to encounter a Shiny Cleffa, as that’s where they’ll be appearing more frequently.

5. What are some tips for maximizing my rewards during Cleffa Hatch Day?

  • Stock up on Incubators: The free Super Incubator from the Timed Research and any additional Incubators you have will help hatch more eggs and collect more Cleffa candy during the event.
  • Focus on 2 km Eggs: Since Cleffa hatches more frequently from these eggs, prioritize spinning PokéStops to get them and use your Incubators on them throughout the event.
  • Complete Daily Field Research: Event-specific Field Research tasks might reward Stardust or XP, further boosting your gains during Cleffa Hatch Day.

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