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Cricket 22 vs. Cricket 24


Struggling to choose between Cricket 22 and Cricket 24? Let this guide help you pick the perfect cricket game for your collection! This guide helps you pick the right game! We’ll break down the key differences in batting, bowling, graphics, and career mode, making it easier for you to choose based on your preferences. We’ll also answer common questions cricket fans have about these two popular games.

Game Modes:

Both Games: Offer various game modes like career mode, test matches, one-day internationals, and limited-overs matches.

Cricket 24: Introduces a new feature – directly playing World Championships from the menu.


Cricket 22: This game offered a balanced system that got better over time. Some early problems were fixed with updates.

Cricket 24: This newer version improves on Cricket 22’s batting. You can hit the ball harder on the ground and play better leg-side shots. Different players have different strengths, like some hitting the ball harder and others focusing on timing their shots.


Both Games: Bowling in both Cricket 22 and 24 is similar and requires some adjustments using a menu to feel more realistic. The computer players batting can be unpredictable at times.

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Slight Advantage: Cricket 22 might be slightly easier to bowl with because you’re more familiar with it and can adjust the settings.


Both Games: Similar mechanics, with improvements over earlier titles.

Cricket 22: Fielding can feel sluggish at times, with AI fielders occasionally missing easy catches or throws.

Cricket 24: Shows potential improvement in AI fielding. While not perfect, some users report instances of better fielder responsiveness and decision-making compared to Cricket 22.


Cricket 22: The visuals improved a lot after the game was first released. It looks good, especially in certain lighting conditions.

Cricket 24: The graphics are a bit better than Cricket 22, especially with the lighting and the details on the players (particularly those on licensed teams). However, the difference isn’t huge.


Cricket 22: This game doesn’t have many official teams or players.

Cricket 24: This is a big difference. Cricket 24 has official deals with eight IPL teams, making it feel much more real, especially for fans of that league.

Career Mode Comparison:

While both Cricket 22 and Cricket 24 offer career modes, here’s a breakdown of some key differences:

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Cricket 22: Focuses on gradually building your player’s skills through training and performance.

Cricket 24: Cricket 24 offers more customization options for your player’s development. You can choose a specific path to make them a specialist batsman (hitter or technique) or bowler (fast bowler or spin bowler). This is different from Cricket 22 where your player’s skills improve more generally.

Contracts and Teams:

Cricket 22: Limited team selection options, primarily focusing on domestic teams.

Cricket 24: Features a wider range of teams to choose from, potentially including international sides (information subject to confirmation).



Both Games: Offer participation in various tournaments like domestic leagues and international cups.

Cricket 24: May introduce additional competition options based on available licenses (e.g., IPL for regions with those rights).

Get Cricket 24 for the official teams and a more realistic feel. Cricket 22 is still a good choice with its balanced gameplay, options to adjust the bowling, and many updates.

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1. Which game has better batting mechanics?

  • Cricket 24 offers a slight edge with more powerful groundstrokes, improved leg-side options, and a focus on player attributes. However, Cricket 22’s core mechanics remain solid, especially for players who value the ability to customize bowling through sliders.
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2. Is there a big difference in graphics?

  • Cricket 24 boasts slightly better lighting and detailed player models, particularly for licensed teams. However, the graphical leap isn’t drastic. Cricket 22 holds its ground with good visuals, especially in specific lighting conditions.

3. Which game should I choose if I’m a big IPL fan?

  • Cricket 24 is the clear winner here. It holds the official licensing for eight IPL teams, providing a more realistic and immersive experience for fans of the league.

4. Is Cricket 24’s career mode a significant upgrade?

  • Cricket 24 introduces a new “skill tree” system, allowing players to specialize their cricketer’s development. This offers more control compared to Cricket 22’s focus on general skill improvement. Additionally, Cricket 24 might have a wider range of teams to choose from, potentially including international sides (information not fully confirmed).

5. What about online play?

  • Both Cricket 22 and Cricket 24 offer online multiplayer features, allowing you to compete against other players around the world. However, there might be some variations to consider:
  • Player Base: Cricket 22, being the older game, might have a smaller active online community compared to the potentially larger player base of the newer Cricket 24.
  • Features: It’s advisable to check for any potential differences in online features between the two games. Reviews or official sources can clarify if there are any exclusive online modes or functionalities in either title.

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