New Mobile Game Alert! Dark and Darker Mobile Beta Now Live

Dark and Darker Mobile Beta Starts Today

Dark and Darker Mobile Beta
Dark and Darker Mobile Beta

Dark and Darker Mobile Beta is here! On April 24th, and runs until April 28th, 2024. Dive into dungeons, battle other players, and unearth legendary loot in this exciting mix of dungeon crawling, battle royale, and RPG elements.

What is Dark and Darker Mobile?

Dark dungeons. Terrifying creatures. Hidden treasures. Dark and Darker Mobile throws you into a thrilling mix of:

  • Dungeon Crawling: Explore treacherous dungeons, battling monsters and uncovering secrets.
  • Battle Royale: Fight for survival against other players, all vying for the ultimate prize.
  • RPG Elements: Choose from five unique character classes, each with their own strengths and weaknesses:
    • Fighter: master of arms, skilled in various weapons and combat tactics.
    • Barbarian: Brutal warriors with unmatched raw power, perfect for frontline combat.
    • Rogue: agile and stealthy, ideal for surprise attacks and navigating tight spaces.
    • Ranger: Master of ranged combat, adept at taking down foes from afar.
    • Cleric: Supports allies with healing and buffs while also harming enemies with magic.
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Key Elements

Dark and Darker Mobile offers a unique blend of genres, perfect for players who crave adventure, challenge, and a bit of friendly competition. Here’s what makes it stand out:

  • Intense PvPvE Combat: Fight monsters and outwit other players in a constant struggle for survival.
  • Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: Join forces with friends to increase your chances of conquering the dungeons and escaping with riches.
  • Variety is the Spice of Life: Choose from five distinct character classes, each with a different playstyle to master.
  • A World of Mystery: Unravel the secrets lurking within the dark dungeons and discover powerful treasures.

How to Play

At first, some news said the beta might only be for people in South Korea (KR). But it can still be downloaded and played by many users in different regions from TapTap without needing a VPN. This means the beta might actually be open to more areas than we thought! Here’s how to check and potentially join the beta:

  1. Download TapTap: If you don’t have it already, download the TapTap app store from a safe source. Be cautious of unofficial app stores, as they may distribute malware.
  2. Search for Dark and Darker Mobile: Look for the game within the TapTap app.
  3. Check for Beta Availability: See if there’s a beta tag or specific download option for the closed beta. If you find one and are able to download the game, you’re likely in a region with access!
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Important Note: Even if you can download the beta through TapTap, it’s still a closed test. The developers reserve the right to restrict access at any point. Additionally, TapTap may not be an official app store in all regions. Always prioritize downloading apps from verified sources.

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1. When is the Dark and Darker Mobile Beta?

  • The closed beta for Dark and Darker Mobile ran from April 24th to April 28th, 2024. Unfortunately, you can’t play it anymore during this period.

2. How can I play the Dark and Darker Mobile Beta?

  • While there might have been a beta version on TapTap, it’s not guaranteed and may not be accessible in all regions. Downloading apps from unofficial sources is risky, so prioritize verified stores.
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3. Is the Dark and Darker Mobile Beta available in my region?

  • Information about specific regions for the closed beta is unclear. While some sources suggested a South Korea (KR) focus, others reported access from other regions. It’s best to follow the official channels for future beta announcements.

4. What kind of game is Dark and Darker Mobile?

  • It’s a unique blend of genres! Explore treacherous dungeons (dungeon crawling), fight monsters and other players (PvPvE and battle royale), and choose from different character classes with special abilities (RPG elements).

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