Duty To The Country: A Step By Step Shortcut Guide in Gray Zone Warfare

Duty To The Country: A Shortcut Guide to Complete this Mission

Duty To The Country
Duty To The Country: A Shortcut Guide to Complete this Mission

In Lab Rat’s “Duty to the Country” mission for Gray Zone Warfare. Forget about blasting your way through YBL-1’s enemy forces. This guide will show you a secret entrance to bypass them completely. This guide will also lead you right to their body, ensuring a smooth retrieval and mission success for Lab Rat.

Finding the Mission:

The mission takes place at YBL-1, which is a large underground area. There are also many enemy soldiers.

Secret Entrance of the Bunker:

There’s a way to get to the mission area without having to fight all the enemies. Here’s how to find the secret entrance:

  • First, open your map and find YBL-1. It should look like a big bunker.
  • Look to the right side of the bunker on your map. You should see a small path leading up the hill.
  • Follow this path up the hill until you come to a fence with a gate.
  • There’s a hole in this fence. Drop down through the hole to get inside.
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Completing the mission:

Duty To The Country
Dead body
  • Once you’re through the hole, follow the tunnel forward.
  • You’ll come to two doors. Crouch down and go through both of them.
  • Turn left after you go through the doors. You should see a dead body on the ground to your right.
  • This is the important part! Walk up to the body and press the button that appears on your screen to interact with it. This will complete the mission.

Can’t find Lab Rat’s informant in “Duty to the Country”? This guide shows you a secret way into YBL-1 to avoid the soldiers. Check out the YouTube video below for a walk-through. 

This guide provides a simple walk-through. In this guide, we explain how you can complete this mission with a shortcut.

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