Elden Ring New Update: What’s New in Patch 1.12.3, Shadow of the Erdtree

Elden Ring New Update
Elden Ring New Update: Patch 1.12.3

Elden Ring New Update: Patch 1.12.3

The new update for Elden Ring Shadow of The Erdtree, Patch 1.12.3, has arrived, bringing a host of bug fixes and a few minor buffs. While it’s not a large update, it does address several key issues in both PvP and PvE gameplay.Let’s see what’s new in Elden Ring New Update Patch 1.12.3.

PvP Adjustments

Swift Slash has received a nerf in PvP but remains unchanged in PvE, allowing players to continue using it in PvE without any alterations.

General Buffs and Balancing

The Carrion Sorcery Sword has been buffed. This weapon catalyst, which is a thrusting sword that casts sorceries with heavy attacks, now boasts better intelligence scaling, making it a top option at 40 intelligence. While it won’t outperform the Carrion Regal Scepter or the Academy Glintstone Staff at higher intelligence levels, it’s now a viable choice for mid-level builds.

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The Smith’s Script Dagger and Smith’s Script Curved Sword have received increased range. Although the increase is modest, it makes a noticeable difference in combat.

The placement of bosses in refights against the Golden Hippopotamus and Commander Niall has been changed to match their positions in the initial encounters.

Bug Fixes

  • Rolling Sparks Perfume has been nerfed significantly, reducing its damage and explosion radius.
  • The Wall of Sparks skill bug, which caused it to do no damage under certain special effects, has been fixed.
  • The bug with Discus of Light and Frenzied Flame incantations has been fixed. These no longer apply unintended buffs or debuffs in PvP scenarios.
  • Thrusting Shields have been nerfed, consuming more stamina when blocking attacks.
  • The bug preventing players from canceling attack recovery with certain weapons has been addressed.
  • Light’s Blessing and Frenzied Burst perfume bottles no longer deal double damage under specific conditions.
  • The Bloodfiend’s Arm weapon’s Arcane scaling has been nerfed, reducing its damage output slightly.
  • The Gilded Greatshield’s Faith scaling has been adjusted for better performance with weapon skills.
  • The Fire Monk’s Greatsword’s attack affinities have been corrected to match expected values.
  • Several Smith’s Script weapons had their affinities and damage outputs adjusted, mainly reducing their effectiveness with certain infusions.
  • The bug causing enemies to heal when the Black Knife’s Destined Death effect wore off has been fixed.
  • Summoned NPCs will now behave as intended during combat.
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Performance Improvements

Several performance issues, including unstable frame rates and lag, have been addressed, particularly on the PS5 version. Players are advised to rebuild the database to improve stability.

Overall Thoughts

While this patch primarily focuses on bug fixes, it also introduces a few balancing adjustments. PvP players will appreciate the changes to certain skills and weapons, while PvE players can explore new builds with the improved Carrion Sorcery Sword. There are still some known issues that remain unaddressed, but future updates are expected to bring additional fixes and improvements.

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