Fallout 4 Next-Gen Update: Best Mods You’ve Been Waiting For

Fallout 4 Next-Gen Update: Best Mods

Best Mods
Fallout 4 Next-Gen Update: Best Mods

The Fallout 4 Next-Gen update has arrived, and wasteland warriors everywhere are eager to customize their experience. But with so many mods out there, where do you even begin? Fear not, Here’s a curated list of 24 must-have mods to completely revamp your Fallout 4 adventure on PS5.

Faster Start & More Freedom

  • Tired of the intro sequence? “Quick Start” lets you bypass it and jump straight into the action.
  • All Map Markers & Fast Travel:This mod lets you unlock all locations on the map, giving you the freedom to explore freely from the get-go.

Transform Your Settlements:

  • Sanctuary Hills Overhaul: Bored with your starter settlement? This mod lets you create a massive fortress complete with a cool tower home—the perfect wasteland haven.
  • Overgrowth: Breathe new life into the Commonwealth with vibrant fall foliage and lush grass, making the wasteland feel less desolate.
  • USO Base Game & USO DLC Mods: Looking for more building options? These mods add tons of new objects, including those from DLCs (if you own them).
  • STS All-in-One (Scrap That Settlement): Overwhelmed by clutter? This mod lets you effortlessly clean up your settlements for a fresh start.
  • OCDecorator: Want truly personalized settlements? Place any item from your inventory anywhere you like – furniture, weapons, even Nuka-Cola bottles!
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Early Game Advantage:

  • Feeling underpowered at the beginning? “Pre-War Preparation” adds a hidden bunker beneath your old house, stocked with powerful weapons and armor.
  • Red Rocket Revamped: Don’t like the look of your first workshop? This mod gives it a cooler, more organized look for a better base-building experience.

Cheat Mods (Use with Caution):

  • Need a little help? “Cheat Room” grants access to a massive collection of in-game items, from weapons and armor to crafting materials. But remember, too much cheating can spoil the fun.
  • Free Crafter: Want to craft anything without worrying about resources? This mod lets you do just that, but be aware that it might not work with all mods.

Enhance Your Gameplay:

  • Legendary Workshop: Craft the most powerful weapons and armor by upgrading your gear with “Legendary Modification.”
  • Pine Needle Rest: Tired of sleeping on the floor? This mod adds a beautifully detailed cabin and bunker for the ultimate player home.
  • Craftable Ammo: Never run out of ammo again! Craft any type you need at the chemistry bench with this convenient mod.
  • Plenty O’ Exploration: Discover new hidden areas throughout the Commonwealth for a fresh exploration experience.
  • Pip-Boy Flashlight: Make your Pip-Boy even more useful with a built-in flashlight, perfect for navigating dark caves and buildings.
  • Stronger Dogmeat: Want your canine companion to be more effective in combat? This mod makes Dogmeat a tougher fighter by your side.
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Settlement Management Helpers:

  • Build Without Limits: Feeling restricted by how much you can build? This mod removes those limitations, letting you create truly massive and impressive settlements.
  • Settlements Extended: Dream of even bigger settlements? Expand the boundaries and unleash your creativity with this mod.
  • Simple Settlers: Tired of settlers with boring names? This mod adds more variety to the settlers you recruit, making your settlements feel more lively.
  • Same Fusion Cores: Annoyed by constantly replacing Fusion Cores? This mod slows down their drain for extended use.
  • Ellies Tweaks and Fixes: Enjoy a collection of tweaks, including increased resource output and improved defenses for your settlements.

Check out YouTuber Newftorious‘ channel for in-depth reviews and gameplay showcases of many of the mods mentioned in this article. Newftorious offers comprehensive mod reviews alongside helpful installation guides, so you can be sure you’re getting the most out of your Fallout 4 modding experience on PS5.

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Important Tips:

  • Download mods in the correct order.
  • Always test mods on a separate save file to avoid issues with your main game. 

With these incredible mods, the Fallout 4 Next-Gen update offers a whole new level of customization and gameplay possibilities.

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1. Can I use mods with the PS4 version of Fallout 4?

  • No, unfortunately, mods are not officially supported on the PS4 version of Fallout 4. However, the PS5 Next-Gen update allows for mods, opening up a world of customization options.

2. Are mods safe to use?

  • Generally, mods are safe. However, it’s important to download mods from reputable sources and be cautious of mods that seem too powerful or alter the game in unexpected ways. Always test mods on a separate save file before using them in your main game.

3. How do I install mods on PS5?

  • You’ll need to access Bethesda.net and browse the Fallout 4 mods section. Once you find a mod you like, you can download it directly to your PS5 through the in-game mods menu.

4. Will mods disable achievements/trophies?

  • Some mods may disable achievements/trophies. It’s important to check the mod description before installing to see if it has any known compatibility issues.

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