Fast and Easy Guide to Farming Metal Accelerant & Superfluid in The First Descendant

Metal Accelerant
Farming Metal Accelerant & Superfluid

Farming Metal Accelerant & Superfluid

In this guide, I’ll show you how to quickly and efficiently farm Metal Accelerant and Superfluid in The First Descendant. These crafting materials are important for building specific descendants and weapons.

Why Do You Need Metal Accelerant and Superfluid?

Metal Accelerant and Superfluid are needed for crafting high-level descendants and powerful weapons. Without these materials, you might find yourself unable to progress or upgrade your gear to tackle tougher challenges in the game.

Where to Find (Location)?

Metal Accelerant
Sterile Lands Outpost

To begin, you’ll need to fast travel to the Sterile Lands Outpost. This area is good because multiple resource boxes spawn here, which contain the materials you need. While the boxes won’t always appear in the exact same spots, they will consistently spawn in multiple locations within this area.

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How Do You Find the Boxes?

Use your scan function to locate the boxes. When you scan, a white diamond icon will appear above each chest. This feature reduces the time spent searching for resources.

What Is the Most Efficient Farming Route?

Metal Accelerant
collect all the resource boxes

Run around the small area and collect all the resource boxes as quickly as possible. With this method, it takes less than a minute to get almost half the materials you need. This quick run helps you get resources without wasting time.

How Do You Reset the Resource Boxes?

If you want to continue farming after collecting all the nearby boxes, you can reset the area by fast traveling back to Albion and then returning to the Sterile Lands Outpost. This will cause all the boxes to respawn, so you can repeat the process as many times as necessary to get the required amount of Metal Accelerant and Superfluid.

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By using this route and method, you’ll be able to farm Metal Accelerant and Superfluid quickly, ensuring you have everything you need to build your desired descendants and weapons. This guide should help you streamline your resource gathering and improve your gameplay experience.

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