Final Fantasy 16: The Rising Tide Out Now on PS5! Dive into a New Chapter

Final Fantasy 16: The Rising Tide

Final Fantasy 16: The Rising Tide
Final Fantasy 16: The Rising Tide

The wait is over. Final Fantasy 16‘s highly anticipated second DLC chapter, The Rising Tide, has officially launched today, April 18th, 2024! Are you ready to embark on a thrilling new adventure?

The Secrets of Mysidia

The Rising Tide beckons players to journey beyond the familiar lands of Valisthea. A mysterious plea arrives, urging Clive, the main protagonist, to aid the long-lost Dominant of Leviathan, the powerful Eikon of Water. This quest leads Clive and his trusted companions, Joshua and Jill, to Mysidia, a hidden realm shrouded in secrecy.

Within Mysidia’s pristine blue skies, a forgotten story awaits. Players will encounter new characters, delve into the tragic history of a bygone people, and face challenging foes unlike any encountered before.

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The Power of Leviathan

A major highlight of The Rising Tide is the introduction of the awe-inspiring Leviathan. This majestic Eikon grants Clive a brand new set of abilities, allowing him to unleash devastating water-based attacks and command the power of the oceans in combat. Mastering these abilities will be key to overcoming the new threats that lie ahead.

Level Up Cap

The Rising Tide raises the level cap in Final Fantasy 16, giving players the opportunity to further develop their characters’ strengths and unlock even more powerful skills. This increased power will be essential for tackling the tougher enemies and bosses that this DLC throws your way.

How to Access The Rising Tide

There are two ways to experience The Rising Tide:

Standalone Purchase: Players can download The Rising Tide directly from the PlayStation Store as a separate purchase. This is ideal if you only want this specific DLC. The standalone price for The Rising Tide is $19.99 USD.

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Expansion Pass: For those who want the full post-launch content for Final Fantasy 16, the Expansion Pass is a more economical option. It grants access to The Rising Tide, as well as any future DLC that may be released, for a bundled price of $24.99 USD.

Remember: You’ll need to own the base game, Final Fantasy 16, to play The Rising Tide.

Tips for The Rising Tide

Gear Up: Before venturing into Mysidia, ensure your party is well-equipped. Upgrade your weapons, armor, and accessories to maximize your chances of success.

Master Leviathan: Take time to practice and experiment with Clive’s new Leviathan abilities. Understanding their strengths and weaknesses will be crucial in combat.

Explore Every Corner: Mysidia is brimming with secrets to uncover. Don’t be afraid to stray from the beaten path and explore hidden areas to find valuable items and lore entries.

Party Synergy is Key: Remember, teamwork makes the dream work! Utilize the unique strengths of Clive, Joshua, and Jill to overcome challenges and exploit enemy weaknesses.

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1. What is The Rising Tide?

  • The Rising Tide is the second chapter of downloadable content (DLC) for Final Fantasy 16. It offers a new story campaign, playable characters, abilities, and areas to explore.

2. When did The Rising Tide come out?

  • The Rising Tide was released on April 18th, 2024.

3. How can I play The Rising Tide?

There are two ways:

  • Purchase it as a standalone download from the PlayStation Store.
  • Get it as part of the Final Fantasy 16 Expansion Pass (includes The Rising Tide and the first DLC chapter, Echoes of the Fallen).

4. What platform is The Rising Tide available on?

  • Currently, The Rising Tide is only available for PlayStation 5.

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