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Scurlock Long Nines: A Detailed Guide

Scurlock Long Nines
Scurlock Long Nines

The Scurlock Long Nines are a desired weapon in the game Skull and Bones, prized for their effectiveness in both PvE and PvP combat. This article dives into the specifics of this weapon, including its attributes, how to obtain it, and why it’s a favorite among many players.

Weapon Details:

Scurlock Long Nines
Weapon Details

Type: Epic Long Gun

Damage: 3,194


Mast Breaker: Deals 7,000 damage after the torn sails effect is applied, effectively crippling enemy ships.

Piercing III: Adds 30% piercing damage, increasing damage to weak points by 100%, making it ideal for taking down heavily armored enemies.

Tearing II: Increases damage by 50% when hitting sails, encouraging strategic targeting and maximizing sail damage.

How to Get:

1. Produce White Skull Rum:

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Scurlock Long Nines
White Skull Rum

This rum is the base ingredient for Gold Skull Rum, needed to purchase the cannons. Access your Helm Office in Saint Anne and use the Distillery to produce White Skull Rum. Each unit of Sugar Cane yields one bottle of White Skull Rum.

2. Upgrade Smuggler Operations: Head to the Helm Empire Overview and navigate to Upgrades. Under Smuggler Operations, level it up to level 7. This unlocks the ability to refine White Skull Rum into Gold Skull Rum.

3. Refine Gold Skull Rum:

Scurlock Long Nines
Gold Skull Rum

With level 7 Smuggler Operations, you can refine two bottles of White Skull Rum into one bottle of Gold Skull Rum.

4. Purchase the Cannons:

Scurlock Long Nines
Purchase the Cannons

Visit John Scurlock’s office in Saint Anne. Each Scurlock Long Nine costs 1,000 Gold Skull Rum, translating to refining 2,000 White Skull Rum.

The Scurlock Long Nines offer several advantages that make them popular:

  • Effective in PvP: The ability to target sails, combined with the Mast Breaker perk, allows for efficient ship immobilization in PvP encounters.
  • Strong Against Fortified Enemies: Piercing damage bypasses armor, making these cannons effective against heavily armored ships.
  • Strategic Sail Damage: The Tearing perk incentivizes strategic targeting of sails, maximizing damage dealt.
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The Scurlock Long Nines are powerful weapons in Skull and Bones, demanding effort to acquire but rewarding players with their versatility and combat prowess. If you’re looking for a weapon that excels in both offensive and strategic capabilities, the Scurlock Long Nines are definitely worth the investment.

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1. What type of weapon are the Scurlock Long Nines?

  • The Scurlock Long Nines are epic long guns in Skull and Bones.

2. How effective are the Scurlock Long Nines in PvP encounters?

  • These cannons excel in PvP due to their ability to target sails and immobilize enemy ships efficiently.

3. What perks do the Scurlock Long Nines offer?

  • The Scurlock Long Nines have Mast Breaker, Piercing III, and Tearing II perks, enhancing their strategic capabilities.
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4. How can players obtain the Scurlock Long Nines?

  • Players need to produce White Skull Rum, upgrade Smuggler Operations, refine Gold Skull Rum, and purchase the cannons from John Scurlock’s office in Saint Anne.

5. Why are the Scurlock Long Nines popular among players?

  • These cannons offer strategic advantages, making them effective against heavily armored enemies and maximizing damage output in both PvP and PvE encounters.

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