Gold Skull Rum, Grave News, and Sovereigns Location, Full Guide | Skull and Bones

A Guide to Gold Skull Rum, Grave News, and Sovereigns

Skull and Bones
Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones offers a world brimming with pirate adventures, and knowing how to acquire valuable resources and complete intriguing missions is key to success. Here’s a breakdown of how to obtain Gold Skull Rum, embark on the Grave News investigation, and earn Sovereigns.

How Get Gold Skull Rum

Gold Skull Rum
Gold Skull Rum
  1. Seek the Barkeep: Start your rum quest in Sainte-Anne’s tavern. Chat with the barkeep, who’ll provide instructions on reaching the Helm.
  2. Upgrade Your Smuggling Operations: Head to the Helm and invest 10 Smuggler Pass Tokens to reach level 7 in smuggling. Complete smuggling and hunting missions efficiently to acquire these tokens.
  3. Refine Your Rum: Visit the Helm’s Rum Distillery and transform White Rum into the coveted Gold Skull Rum.
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How to Get Grave News Investigation Mission

Grave News
Grave News
  1. Complete the Devil’s Gambit: This crucial main mission unlocks the Grave News investigation.
  2. Infiltrate the Fort: Your objective is to sneak into a British fort and steal a valuable map hinting at hidden treasure.
  3. Follow the Clues: Scurlock provides a map and hints to locate Caradec, the pirate who stole the treasure.
  4. Search Reef Sea, Red Isle: Find evidence of Caradec’s ship, the Royal Louis.
  5. Uncover the Royal Burial Ground: The map marks the treasure’s location, an outpost on Red Isle.

How to Get Sovereigns

  1. Achieve Kingpin Rank: Gain notoriety by completing side projects, main contracts, participating in global events, exploring, and discovering wealth.
  2. Launch Your Helm Empire: Complete the “A Nose For Business” main contract to establish your Helm Empire and start earning Pieces of Eight.
  3. Climb the Leaderboard: Participate in weekly and seasonal leaderboards. By accumulating Pieces of Eight and facing other Kingpin players, you’ll ascend the tiers and earn Sovereigns.
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1. How can I quickly level up my smuggling operations?

  • Prioritize smuggling and hunting missions that offer Smuggler Pass Tokens as rewards.
  • Participate in world events with smuggling-related objectives.

2. Where can I find more clues about Caradec and the treasure?

  • Explore the Reef Sea, Red Isle thoroughly. Interact with NPCs and search for hidden objects that might provide hints.
  • Pay attention to environmental details and markings on the map.

3. How do I earn more sovereigns efficiently?

  • Focus on activities that generate high amounts of Pieces of Eight, like completing high-difficulty contracts.
  • Aim for higher leaderboard tiers, as rewards increase with your ranking.
  • Participate in seasonal leaderboards for a fresh start and climb the ranks for more sovereigns.
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