Best Detailed Guide to New Schematics & Dark Aether Easter Egg | MW3 Zombies S2 Reloaded

New Schematics
Best Detailed Guide to New Schematics & Dark Aether Easter Egg

Season 2 Reloaded for MW3 Zombies brings a fresh wave of excitement, and with it, a brand new Dark Aether Easter Egg. This multi-step challenge unlocks the portal to the Dark Aether, granting access to powerful new schematics. Gear up, soldiers, as we delve into the details of acquiring these coveted rewards.

Getting Started:

Easter egg
Act 4

1. The Countermeasures: Begin by completing the Act 4 Mission titled “Countermeasures.” The Easter Egg adventure starts in the new Dark Aether section, which is unlocked by completing this task.

2. Treasure Hunt Within the Mission: Keep your eyes peeled for three specific items during the “Countermeasures” mission:

  • Tattered MMA Gloves: Seek out the pedestal on the prominent boat within the mission area. Interact with it to activate a challenge. Secure melee kills solely within the designated ring. Completing this challenge rewards you with the Tattered MMA Gloves.
  • Perforated Target: Head towards the bottom right corner of the map. Locate the pedestal and interact with it to initiate another challenge. This time, test your marksmanship by scoring headshots exclusively within the designated ring. Upon successful completion, you’ll be awarded the Perforated Target.
  • Pristine Mirror: Journey to the graveyard situated in the top right corner, just below the military base. Find the specific gravestone marked with a mirror icon and interact with it. This activates a battle against zombies wielding specific alternate ammo types. Eliminate them accordingly to claim the Pristine Mirror.
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Beyond the Mission:

1. Claim Your Reward: After conquering the mission, don’t forget to snatch the “Drum” from the reward Rift. This precious item plays a crucial role later.

2. Upgrading Your Treasures: The three purple items you collected need a golden touch. Here’s where the upgrade locations come into play:

    • Tattered MMA Gloves: Head to the boxing gym in Zarvan Suburbs. Step inside the ring and interact with the prompt to offer the gloves. Pummel the designated punch bags in sequence (left, middle, right) until they ignite. A fiery zombie awaits – defeat it using only your fists to claim the gold version, the MMA Gloves.
    • Perforated Target: Make your way to the shooting range in Shaheen Alma. Interact with the target to begin the challenge. Eliminate all the targets within the allotted time. Be mindful of some cleverly concealed targets – one behind the activation point and another hidden on a hilltop behind the range. Finally, eliminate the spawned zombie with a headshot to receive the golden Perforated Target.
    • Pristine Mirror: Travel to the graveyard and interact with the relevant gravestone. This encounter pits you against zombies wielding specific alternate ammo types. Vanquish them accordingly to be rewarded with the golden upgrade, the Pristine Mirror.

The Portal:

1. Assemble the Golden Items: With all four items (Drum, MMA Gloves, Perforated Target, and Pristine Mirror) upgraded to their golden version, head to the Tier 3 Zone. Locate the pedestals specifically designed for each item, identified by matching icons. Arrange everything on their respective pedestals and watch as the Dark Aether Rift appears.

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2. Mega Abomination Boss: The Mega Abomination Boss stands guard, ready to test your skills. Defeat this formidable foe to claim a guaranteed Sigil from the reward Rift. This Sigil becomes your key to unlocking the secrets within the Dark Aether.

The Dark Aether Challange:

Dark Aether
The Dark Aether Challange

1. The Elder Sigil: While a regular Sigil grants access to the Dark Aether, the new schematics require the Elder Sigil. Approach the Dark Aether Rift and activate the Elder Sigil on either side of the portal.

2. Contract Hunting: Three contracts scattered across the Dark Aether offer a chance to acquire the needed schematics:

    • HVT Contract: Located directly behind the spawn point within a warehouse. This contract tasks you with eliminating a high-value target in the foggy beach area.
    • Outlaw Contract: Found on a small hut between the carnival and the river. This contract challenges you to survive within a confined space until the objective reaches 100%.
    • Extractor Contract: Perched atop the mall’s roof, this contract requires you to deactivate three rockets before they launch.

3. Repeat and Reap: Completing these contracts grants a chance to acquire the new schematics from the reward Rifts. Since the drop rate isn’t guaranteed, be prepared to embark on multiple Elder Sigil runs to collect all the schematics.

4. Exit Strategy: Once you’ve had your fill of the Dark Aether’s challenges, head to the opposite side of the map, near the mall. Locate the lone Exfil point situated on a hilltop. Utilize it to extract and return to the safety (or relative safety) of the standard map.

A Few Final Tips:

  • Pack a Punch and Perks: Before starting on this Easter Egg journey, ensure you’ve stocked up on essential perks and upgraded your weapons through Pack-a-Punch. The challenges within the mission and the Dark Aether itself will test your combat powers.
  • Bullet Weapon Powers: The guide highly recommends using a bullet weapon throughout the Easter Egg. Weapons like crossbows or launchers, while powerful, might not be ideal for specific tasks requiring melee kills or headshots.
  • Time Management: During the mission, keep an eye on the timer, especially while collecting the items. You have a limited window to complete these challenges before progressing further.

NOTE: By following these detailed steps and utilizing the provided strategies, you’ll be well on your way to unlocking the secrets of the New Dark Aether Easter Egg in MW3 Zombies Season 2 Reloaded. Remember, teamwork makes the dream work – gather your squad and prepare to conquer the challenges that lie ahead.

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1. How do I start the Easter Egg?

  • Complete Act 4 Mission “Counter Measure” and collect 3 items during it.
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2. What are the items?

  • Tattered MMA Gloves (melee kills on boat), Perforated Target (headshots near bottom right), Pristine Mirror (defeat specific ammo zombies in graveyard).

3. How do I upgrade them?

  • Each item has a specific location:
  • Gloves: Boxing gym (fists only vs fiery zombies)
  • Target: Shooting range (shoot all targets, headshot final zombie)
  • Mirror: Graveyard (defeat specific ammo zombies)

4. How do I unlock the schematics?

  • Upgrade all items, place them on pedestals in Tier 3 Zone, defeat the Mega Abomination boss, use Elder Sigil in Dark Aether, and complete contracts for a chance at schematics.

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