Helldivers 2 New Update: Brings Big Changes and Bug Fixes, You Need to See This

Helldivers 2 New Update

Helldivers 2 New Update
Helldivers 2 New Update

A big update has just landed on Helldivers 2, bringing a ton of new stuff and changes to the game. The developers have been working hard to make the game better, and this update includes changes to how you play, the enemies you fight, and even the menus you see. You’ll have more control over your character, battles will be more strategic, and it’ll be easier to learn the ropes if you’re new. Plus, they’ve squashed a bunch of bugs to make the game run smoother. Here’s a closer look at what’s new:

Sharper Gameplay and a More Balanced Fight

The developers have focused on refining the overall gameplay experience.

  • Level generation has been improved: Objectives are now better distributed across maps, reducing the frustration of having to trek vast distances.
  • More control for Helldivers: You can now disable automatic climbing and vaulting while sprinting, giving you more tactical movement options.
  • The iconic “Spread Democracy” mission can now be enjoyed on higher difficulties, pushing your democratic ideals to the limit!
  • Enemy encounters have been revamped: Movement speeds, damage output, and resistance of various enemies have been adjusted to create a more strategic combat experience. For instance, Bile Spewers are a bit slower, giving you more breathing room to dodge their attacks, while Devastator tanks fire slightly faster, so stay alert!
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Improved User Interface and Bug fixes

The user interface has received a makeover to enhance your experience:

  • Tutorials are clearer: Prompts and hints are now easier to read, making the learning curve smoother for new recruits.
  • Track your progress: You can now see your total experience in the career tab, keeping you motivated on your democratic crusade.
  • Ultrawide monitor support: The game now offers better support for ultrawide monitors with proper aspect ratio and adjustable HUD width.
  • A variety of bugs have been squashed: Crashes, UI glitches, and weapon-related bugs have been addressed, promoting a more stable and enjoyable experience.

Weapon Balance and Strategic Options

Your arsenal has been tweaked to create a more diverse and effective approach to combat:

  • Multiple weapons have received adjustments to damage, fire rate, magazine capacity, and handling.
  • Some examples: The BR-14 Adjudicator now fires automatically, while the SG-8P Punisher Plasma offers faster projectiles for more consistent damage but carries fewer magazines.
  • Explosive weapons no longer pull players inward from the blast, preventing accidental team injuries.
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Stratagem Refinement

Your strategic toolkit has also seen some adjustments:

  • Increased health: Machinegun Sentries and Tesla Towers are now sturdier, providing more reliable defensive options.
  • Smarter rockets: Airburst Rocket Launchers will no longer detonate near friendly objects, reducing accidental explosions.

Known Issues

The developers are still working on fixing a few remaining issues:

  • Occasional crashes and reinforcement problems.
  • Some issues with friend invites and cross-play functionality.
  • Minor graphical glitches and enemy behavior inconsistencies.

For a complete list of changes, you can find the detailed patch notes below:

New Update Patch Notes
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1. Is there a new campaign or missions with this update?

  • The update doesn’t explicitly mention a new campaign, but it does include the ability to play the “Spread Democracy” mission on higher difficulties. This could be considered a new challenge for experienced players. We’ll have to wait for further announcements to see if a full new campaign is coming.
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2. Can I play solo after the update?

  • Yes, Helldivers 2 still supports solo play. The update actually increased enemy patrols for less than 4 players, making the solo experience a bit easier.

3. What’s the deal with the new “disable auto-climb” option?

  • This lets you have more control over your movement during intense battles. With it off, you won’t automatically climb ledges or vault over objects while sprinting, allowing for more precise maneuvering.

4. How do I use the new rebindable “Open Text Chat”?

  • Head over to the options menu and navigate to the controls section. You’ll find the option to rebind the “Open Text Chat” key to your preference for easier communication with your squad.

5. My friend can’t see my invite! Are the friend invite bugs fixed?

  • The developers are aware of various friend invite and cross-play issues. While some fixes are included in this update, they’re still working on resolving all friend invite functionalities.

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