How to Get Freyna Enhanced Cell in The First Descendent

Freyna Enhanced Cell
Freyna Enhanced Cell in The First Descendent

How to Get Freyna Enhanced Cell in The First Descendent

If you’re looking for how to get the Freyna Enhanced Cell in The First Descendent, this guide is here to help. We’ll explain where to find the shelter mission in Vespers, how to complete it, and what to expect with the 20% drop rate. To obtain the Freyna Enhanced Cell in The First Descendent follow these detailed steps:

Mission Location

In Vesper the shelter mission

First, you need to head to Vespers. The mission you are looking for is the shelter mission, which is located next to a camp in Vespers. You can fast travel to Vespers to quickly get to this location.


Your main objective is to complete the shelter mission in Vespers to obtain the Freyna Enhanced Cell. This item is essential for enhancing your equipment.

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Drop Rate

The Freyna Enhanced Cell is not guaranteed to drop on your first attempt. It has a 20% drop rate, meaning that there is a significant chance you will need to run the mission multiple times before you successfully obtain it. This low drop rate is not a bug; it is intentionally designed, so you have to do repeated attempts.

Step-by-Step Guide

The shelter mission

1. Fast Travel to Vespers: Begin by fast traveling to Vespers. This will save you time and get you to the mission location quickly.

2. Locate the Mission: Once in Vespers, head to the area near the camp where the shelter mission is located. This mission is easily identifiable once you are in the right area.

3. Start the Mission: Initiate the shelter mission. This mission involves several tasks and challenges that you need to complete.

4. Complete the Mission: Work through the mission from start to finish. Ensure you complete all objectives and challenges presented during the mission.

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5. Check for Drop: At the end of the mission, check if the Freyna Enhanced Cell has dropped. Remember, due to the 20% drop rate, you might need to repeat this mission multiple times to get the item.

By following these detailed steps you will obtain the Freyna Enhanced Cell in The First Descendent.

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