Genshin Impact | How To Defeat Liam, Full Guide With Location

Genshin Impact 4.2 introduces Liam, a hidden boss and one of the local legends residing in Fontaine within the enchanting Erinnyes Forest region. Uncover the secrets of this elusive character and learn how to conquer the challenges it presents.

Liam: The Hidden Boss of Erinnyes Forest in Genshin Impact 4.2

LIam In Genshin Impact

Liam’s Elemental Attack

Liam’s Elemental Attack

Liam is known for his unique combat style, which involves the strategic use of elemental potions. These potions apply various elements to your characters and inflict substantial damage. Discover effective strategies to counter these elemental onslaughts.

Team Up with Shielders

Team Up with Shielders

To navigate Liam’s formidable attacks, having a shield unit on your team is crucial. Explore the synergies between different characters and shields to make this encounter more manageable.

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Best Team Comp For Liam

Geo Team

Hyperbloom Team

Attack Timing

Liam possesses front-loaded and ranged AoE damage capabilities, making precise timing essential. Learn when to seize openings for offensive maneuvers and when to adopt a more defensive stance to avoid punishment.

Use of Terrain

Use of Terrain

The Weeping Willow of the Lake serves as Liam’s battleground, presenting unique challenges. Leverage the uneven edges and higher ground to your advantage, creating distance from Liam’s potent AoE attacks.

Liam Location

Finding Liam amidst the picturesque surroundings of the Erinnyes Forest requires keen observation. Follow our guide to the Weeping Willow southeast waypoint and navigate towards a small pond, where Liam awaits.

Enemy in the Path

Enemy in the Path

The forest is not without its challenges. Pyro Slimes and other foes inhabit the area around Liam, demanding careful consideration before engaging the Local Legend of Fontaine.

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Respawn Time

Liam adheres to the standard overworld enemy respawn schedule. Discover when Liam resets—every day at 04:00 server time. After defeating him, prepare for a rematch after the next server reset.

Liam’s Rewards

Liam’s Rewards

Defeating Liam doesn’t just offer the satisfaction of victory. Unlock achievements and occasionally discover a precious chest as a token of your triumph over one of the local legends of Fontaine.


In the heart of Erinnyes Forest, Liam stands as a testament to the challenges and rewards awaiting adventurous travelers. Master the art of combat and strategic planning to emerge victorious against this hidden boss.

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1. Can Liam be defeated solo, or is a team recommended?

While skilled players may conquer Liam solo, having a well-balanced team enhances your chances of success.

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2. Are Liam’s elemental potions random, or is there a pattern to anticipate?

Liam’s potion attacks follow a specific pattern, allowing observant players to anticipate and counter them effectively.

3. Does Liam’s respawn time change with each defeat?

No, Liam adheres to a consistent respawn schedule, resetting daily at 04:00 server time.

4. Are there any specific character recommendations for the Liam encounter?

Characters with shield abilities, such as Zhongli or Diona, are highly recommended for mitigating Liam’s elemental onslaughts.

5. What’s the rarest reward players can obtain after defeating Liam?

Occasionally, Liam rewards victorious travelers with a precious chest, adding a touch of mystery to each encounter.

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