How to Level Up Weapons and Upgrade Weapons in The First Descendant, Complete Guide

Level Up Weapons
Level Up Weapons and Upgrade Weapons in The First Descendant

Level Up Weapons and Upgrade Weapons in The First Descendant

Learn how to level up weapons and upgrade weapons in The First Descendant in this article. This guide will help you by following the necessary steps to achieve this, making the process simple and easy to level up and upgrade.

Steps to Level Up and Upgrade Weapons:

Locate NPC Anias:

Level Up Weapons
Locate NPC Anias (IMG Via Mill Gaming Yt)

First, you need to locate the NPC named Anias. He can be found at the bottom left of the map in Albion. This NPC plays a crucial role in the upgrading process, so make sure to find him and remember his location for future upgrades.

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Access Research Requests and enhancement materials:

Level Up Weapons
enhancement materials (IMG Via Mill Gaming Yt)

Once you find Anias, talk to him and access the research requests and enhancement materials. Among these materials, the key item you need for upgrading and leveling up weapons is the Precision Phase Exchanger. This item is essential for the process, and you will need to gather it to proceed with the upgrades.

Creating Precision Phase Exchangers:

There are a few ways to create Precision Phase Exchangers. The simplest and most efficient method is by using Liquid Metal. For each Phase Exchanger, you will need 250 units of Liquid Metal. Another method involves using High Precision Exchange Components, which can also be effective but might require different resources.

Obtaining Liquid Metal:

To obtain Liquid Metal, you need to open your inventory and dismantle weapons. When you dismantle weapons, you receive Liquid Metal as a resource. Higher-tier weapons yield more Liquid Metal, so focus on dismantling those for a more substantial amount. For example, dismantling a basic weapon might give you one unit of Liquid Metal, while dismantling a higher-tier weapon can provide significantly more.

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Creating and Accelerating Phase Exchangers:

Once you have gathered enough Liquid Metal, you can create a Phase Exchanger. The creation process takes about 10 minutes, but if you are in a hurry, you can accelerate it by using 3 Caliber, which will instantly create the Phase Exchanger. This option is helpful when you need the Exchanger quickly for an urgent upgrade.

Upgrading Weapons:

Upgrade Weapons
Upgrading Weapons (IMG Via Mill Gaming Yt)

With the Phase Exchanger ready, head over to the workbench in Albion. Use the workbench to access the weapon level transmission. From here, you can select the weapon you want to upgrade. For example, if you want to upgrade your Thunder Cage, you can infuse it with another weapon, such as a level 30 Silly Weeper, to increase its level. This process enhances the weapon’s stats, including DPS and Firearm Attack. For instance, upgrading the Thunder Cage from level 26 to level 30 could increase its DPS to 10,000 and its Firearm Attack to 13,000.

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Weapon Readjustments:

Upgrade Weapons
Weapon Readjustments (IMG Via Mill Gaming Yt)

Besides leveling up, you can also readjust your weapons’ stats. This includes adjusting parameters like toxic attack, firearm attack, critical hit rate, and hip fire accuracy. Additionally, you can enhance the unique abilities of your weapons. For example, the Thunder Cage has unique abilities that can be further enhanced to improve its performance in combat.

By following these detailed steps, you can easily and quickly level up and upgrade your weapons in The First Descendant. The process requires careful attention to gathering and managing resources like Liquid Metal and Precision Phase Exchangers. Taking the time to understand and implement these steps will result in significantly improved weapon stats and overall performance.

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