How to Use Reconstructed Device in The First Descendant

Reconstructed Device
Reconstructed Device in The First Descendant

How to Use Reconstructed Device

In The First Descendant, the Reconstructed Device is important for obtaining valuable items such as Descendant Codes, weapon blueprints, and other essential resources. Here’s a detailed guide on how to effectively use this device:

1. Defeat Specific Bosses in Void Intercept Battles:

To use the Reconstructed Device, you must first obtain Amorphous Material. This material can be obtained by defeating specific bosses during Void Intercept Battles. These bosses drop the Amorphous Material as part of their loot.

2. Interact with the Reconstruction Device:

Once you have the Amorphous Material, head to the Reconstructed Device. This device allows you to transform the Amorphous Material into valuable items.

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3. Shape the Amorphous Material Pattern:

The system operates similarly to a mystery box setup. You can shape the Amorphous Material into one of its potential items. This process is essential for acquiring rare and specific items.

4. Apply Shape Stabilizers (if applicable):

Shape Stabilizers are special items that can increase the likelihood of obtaining rarer items from the Amorphous Material. If you have Shape Stabilizers, apply them during the shaping process to boost your chances of getting the desired Descendant Code or weapon blueprint.

5. Repeat the Process if Necessary:

If the initial attempt does not yield the desired item, you may need to repeat the process. Collect more Amorphous Material by defeating bosses and try again. Persistence is key to obtaining the specific items you want.

6. Complete Other Quests:

Certain Descendant Codes and blueprints can also be obtained by completing other specific quests. These quests provide a unique path for acquiring items exclusive to the quested Descendant. Make sure to check for available quests that offer the items you need.

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7. Importance of the Reconstructed Device:

The Reconstructed Device is essential for unlocking various Descendants and acquiring the necessary resources in the game. Mastering this device will give you an edge in The First Descendant.

By following this guide, you can efficiently use the Reconstructed Device to obtain valuable items.

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