Leave No Man Behind: A Step-by-Step Guide For All Faction (Gray Zone Warfare)

Leave No Man Behind Guide For All Faction

Leave No Man Behind
Leave No Man Behind Guide For All Faction

In this guide, we will talk about the “Leave No Man Behind” quest in Gray Zone Warfare! Leave No Man Behind requires you to find the location of a dead soldier near the town hall and place a tracker on the body. You are given a tracker when you first accept the quest, however, if you die before placing it, you’ll have to buy another before you can try again.

This guide will focus on completing the quest as part of the Lamang faction. However, the location of the body will be roughly the same for each faction.

Finding the Town Hall

In every faction, you need to find the town hall. Which means finding the town hall is universal For all faction. However, for every faction, you can locate it by following below specific detail:

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Locating the Body (Lamang Specific)

Locating the Body (Lamang Specific)

Once you find Town Hall 202-161, go to the back of the building and turn right, back towards the direction of the gas station. Keep going until you reach a specific building and then take a right down the alleyway. Your target should be on the right here, next to the doorway.

Locating the Body (Mithras Security Systems)

Locating the Body (Mithras Security Systems)

For those playing as the Mithras Security Systems faction, the dead soldier you’re searching for can be found in the western part of Nam Thaven at coordinates 170-119. This location should be situated somewhere within the western area of the town, so keep an eye out as you navigate the streets in that direction.

Locating the Body (Crimson Shield International)

Locating the Body (Crimson Shield International)

Crimson Shield International makes their base in the eastern part of Kiu Vongsa, at grid reference 143–163. This is a helpful detail to remember if you’re ever part of the Crimson Shield faction and need to find your way back to home base.

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Completing the Mission

dead soldier

After approaching the body, you can interact with it to place the GPS tracker. You can now return to base and collect a quest from Gunny to unlock the “Medical Detective” quest.

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