Guide to Mounting Enemies and Removing Body Parts in The First Descendant

Removing Body Parts
Removing Body Parts in The First Descendant

Mounting Enemies and Removing Body Parts in The First Descendant

This guide will help you master the technique of mounting enemies and removing body parts in “The First Descendant.” You’ll find essential tips and strategies to improve your gameplay. Follow our detailed instructions to learn how to effectively target, mount, and disarm enemies, making your battles easier and more rewarding.

Identifying Body Parts:

Removing Body Parts
Identifying Body Parts ( IMG Via Gamers Heroes Yt)

The process of mounting enemies and removing their body parts in “The First Descendant” involves a few key steps. When you use the R3 button, it activates your Area of Effect (AOE) sense, allowing you to identify body parts on enemies that glow blue. These blue parts are significant because they can be targeted. After sustained shooting, these parts will eventually turn yellow. Once a part turns yellow, you can use your grappling hook to mount the enemy at these points.

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Mounting and Holding:

Once you have successfully mounted an enemy, it is crucial to hold the L2 button (or the equivalent aim button on other platforms) to stay mounted. This is important because the monster will try to shake you off, and holding the aim button keeps you securely attached.

Level Up First:

Before entering any fight, it is essential to look for removable parts rather than just destroyable parts. This distinction is important because removable parts provide more strategic opportunities during combat. If you find certain enemies challenging, such as the Grave Walker, it is recommended to level up first. For example, fighting the Grave Walker at level 19 makes the encounter more manageable even though the Grave Walker is only level 10. This level advantage can make a significant difference in how you handle the fight.

Tactical Tips:

Removing Body Parts
Removing Body Parts ( IMG Via Gamers Heroes Yt)

During battles, use environmental structures like pylons to navigate and position yourself effectively. This positioning can help you get a better angle to target the removable parts. Additionally, having an upgraded grappling hook with increased range can be highly beneficial, making it easier to reach and mount enemies.

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Focus on shooting at the weak points, such as the eyes, to lower the boss. This tactic can make mounting easier because a downed boss is more accessible.

Continuously Scan and Shoot:

While in combat, continuously scan and shoot the removable parts until they turn yellow. Once they do, use your grappling hook to mount them. Holding the L2 button keeps you mounted on the enemy, and you can use the R2 button to attack the mounted part. Over time, this will allow you to remove the parts effectively.

Practicing solo is advisable to become comfortable with the mechanics. Group play can be more chaotic, with other players potentially destroying parts before you have the chance to mount and remove them.


It may be difficult to target specific parts, especially from below, when using the base grappling hook. Therefore, it is recommended to take time to practice this technique and use environmental aids for better positioning. This practice will help you become more proficient in mounting and removing enemy parts.

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