New Giant Glitch with Epicenter (Helxar-Touched) | Soul Knight Prequel

New Giant Glitch

Giant Glitch
Giant Glitch

In the Soul Knight Prequel, a new bug has been discovered that allows you to transform into a giant, crushing foes beneath your immense size.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. The Method:

  • This bug relies on a specific fatebound: Epicenter (Helxar-Touched). You can find it (Epicenter) on the Scorching Volcano map.
  • Once obtained, infuse it with Helxar to increase the chance of acquiring the desired fatebound.

2. The Glitch:

  • Equip the Epicenter (Helxar-Touched) with your secondary weapon.
  • Rapidly switch between your primary and secondary weapons until the size change glitches, preventing it from shrinking back down.
  • After You’re now a giant, dominating the battlefield!

3. Glitch Perks and Downsides:

  • Your size grants immense power, causing enemies to crumble under your presence.
  • Attack from afar, easily hitting and damaging bosses.
  • However, your newfound glitch can lead to getting stuck in tight spaces.
  • To shrink back down, slowly switch weapons or exit and re-enter the game.
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Disclaimer: This guide is for informational purposes only. Please use glitches responsibly and ethically.

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1. What does the bug do?

  • It turns you into a giant, crushing enemies and boosting attack range.

2. How do I activate it?

  • Use Epicentre (Helxar-Touched), switch weapons rapidly, and glitch the size change.

3. Is it permanent?

  • No, you can shrink by switching weapons slowly or restarting the game.

4. Is it useful?

  • It offers fun power, but be mindful of getting stuck and online etiquette.

5. Are there more hidden glitches?

  • The game holds many secrets! Explore responsibly and have fun.

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