Big New Update in Soul Knight 6.2.0, Now Available!

New Update
Soul Knight New Update 6.2.0

Soul Knight: New Update 6.2.0 

In Soul Knight, A brand new update, version 6.2.0, is here for iOS and Android! Get ready for a bunch of free stuff, a new event to play, and more ways to fight and win.

Free Stuff

Just for logging in after the update, you’ll get a free gift package. This includes 7 fish chips, season coins, gems, and other goodies to level up your character.

New Event: Ironforge Fest

There’s a new event called Ironforge Fest going on in the game. In this event, you’ll be able to combine things together and fight enemies to win awesome rewards, like new pets and special blueprints.

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New Skills for Two Characters

The Physicist and Costume Prince characters got some new skills they can learn. This means they can fight in new and interesting ways.

More Stuff to Look Cool and Do More Damage

There are 8 brand new character skins you can unlock to look amazing while you fight. Plus, there are also 9 powerful new weapons to find and use.

Three Kingdoms Gunfight Gets Even Tougher

The “Three Kingdoms” part of the game has a new difficulty level: Difficulty 8! There are also 4 new map conditions to make things even more challenging. If you can beat these, you can win a new Trophy and a super strong Mythical Weapon.

More Help in Fights and a New Boss

There are two new bodyguards you can hire to help you fight. There are also new buffs and power-ups you can find to make your character even stronger. Be prepared to face a brand new boss enemy called Sir Verdant – he’s tough, so be ready for a fight.

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The Game Runs Smoother Than Ever

The developers made some changes to how you unlock furniture for your lobby and how the fishing part of the game works. This makes the game smoother and more fun to play.

This update has a lot of great new things to discover! So fire up Soul Knight, grab your free stuff, and jump into the new event and challenges! There’s a ton to do, so have fun!

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1. How do I get the free stuff in the update?

  • Just log in to Soul Knight after downloading update 6.2.0 and you’ll automatically receive a gift package containing fish chips, season coins, gems, and other goodies!

2. What’s the Ironforge Fest Event about?

  • The Ironforge Fest Event is a new in-game activity where you can combine things together, fight enemies, and earn rewards like new pets and special blueprints. It’s a great way to get powerful items and have some fun!
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3. Are there any new characters in the update?

  • No, there aren’t any new characters in this update. However, the Physicist and Costume Prince characters both received new skills to learn, giving them fresh ways to fight.

4. How do I play the new Difficulty 8 in Three Kingdoms Gunfight?

  • The new Difficulty 8 mode will be available in the Three Kingdoms section of the game. You’ll need to progress through the game normally to unlock it. If you conquer Difficulty 8 and the new map conditions, you can win a special Trophy and a Mythical Weapon!

5. What are some of the improvements made to the game?

  • The update optimizes how you unlock furniture for your lobby and makes adjustments to the fishing gameplay. This should make the overall experience smoother and more enjoyable.

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