7 Reasons Why Many Players Are Not Liking the New Game | One Punch Man World

Not Liking the New Game
Why Many Players Are Not Liking the New Game

Why Many Players Are Not Liking the New Game

One Punch Man World, a mobile game based on the popular anime/manga series, was released on January 31st, 2024. While some players are enjoying the game’s graphics, animations, and combat system, others have criticized various aspects of the game.

Positive Aspects of the Game

One Punch Man World has received praise for its impressive graphics, fluid animations, and engaging combat system. These elements contribute to an immersive gaming experience for many players.

Reasons Why Many Players Are Not Liking the Game

1. Gacha System: The game employs a gacha system where players spend in-game currency or real money to acquire characters and items. However, this system is often criticized for being unfair and expensive, with low chances of obtaining desired characters and high costs associated with in-game currency.

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2. Bugs and Glitches: Upon release, the game was plagued with numerous bugs and glitches, including crashes, freezes, and graphical issues. These technical issues hindered the gaming experience and frustrated many players.

3. Server Issues: The game experienced instability with its servers at launch, causing connectivity problems for players trying to access and enjoy the game.

4. Grinding: One Punch Man World requires extensive grinding to level up characters and progress through the game. This repetitive gameplay element can become tedious and boring for players.

5. Story Adaptation: While the game follows the events of the One Punch Man anime/manga series, some players feel that the story is not effectively adapted to a mobile game format, resulting in a slow and unengaging narrative.

6. Monotonous Quests: Players have criticized the game’s quests for being repetitive and requiring constant backtracking to the same locations, diminishing the overall enjoyment of the gameplay.

7. Pay-to-Win Aspects: The inclusion of pay-to-win elements allows players to gain advantages by spending real money to acquire powerful characters and items, creating an imbalance in competitive gameplay.

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Potential of the Game

Despite its current shortcomings, One Punch Man World possesses significant potential. Addressing the aforementioned issues, such as refining the gacha system, fixing bugs, and enhancing the overall gameplay experience, could elevate the game’s status and appeal to a wider audience.


One Punch Man World offers an immersive gaming experience with its impressive graphics, animations, and combat system. However, various issues, including the gacha system, bugs, and monotonous gameplay elements, have led to criticism from many players. Despite these drawbacks, the game has the potential for improvement and remains popular among fans of the One Punch Man series.

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1. Is One Punch Man World free to play?

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Yes, the game is free to download and play, but it includes in-app purchases.

2. Can I enjoy the game without spending real money?

While it’s possible to progress in the game without spending money, certain aspects may be challenging without purchasing in-game currency or items.

3. Are there plans to address the game’s issues in future updates?

The developers have acknowledged player feedback and are working on updates to improve the game’s overall experience.

4. How often are new characters and content added to the game?

The game regularly receives updates introducing new characters, events, and content to keep players engaged.

5. Is One Punch Man World available on all mobile platforms?

Yes, the game is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.

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