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Exploiting Boss Glitch for Easy Pal Kills in Monster Hunter: World

Boss Glitch

In Palworld, a bizarre yet effective trick allows players to exploit Boss Glitch in enemy Pals, granting them free kills and significant DPS advantages.

Positioning for Success

By positioning themselves underneath a Pal, sometimes even clipping through the floor, players can disrupt the enemy’s AI, rendering them defenseless and unable to retaliate.

Target Selection

This technique works on various Pals, including flying and large bosses, with larger Pals being easier targets due to their size.

Environmental Factors

Factors like environmental elevation can also aid in executing this exploit.


By simply running, sliding, and crouching beneath the Pal until it becomes static and unresponsive, players can secure easy kills or prepare for smoother captures, exploiting the game’s physics in the process.

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Efficient Material Movement Glitch in Game

A highly effective glitch allows players in the game to move massive stacks of materials without being encumbered, significantly improving efficiency during base management or material transfer.

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Weightless Stacks

By exploiting this glitch, players can pick up material stacks, enter an in-between state where the items weigh nothing, and then easily move them to desired locations without the burden of slow movement speed.

Effortless Material Transportation and Grapple Glitch in Gameplay

Players can effortlessly transport massive stacks of materials in the game by exploiting a glitch that renders the items weightless while being highlighted.

Grapple Optimization

Additionally, players can eliminate the cooldown of the grapple, a tool used for swift movement, by unequipping and re-equipping it, providing a seamless traversal experience and further optimizing gameplay.

Unlocking Level 5 Work Skills for Enhanced Pal Efficiency

Players can significantly enhance the efficiency of their Pals in the game by unlocking level five work skills, which are crucial for automating tasks and gathering resources.

Sacrifice for Skill

While Pals typically have work skills ranging from levels 1 to 4, reaching level 5 requires using a pal condenser to sacrifice a substantial number of Pals, totaling 116 of the same kind.

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Optimizing Pal Selection for Level 5 Work Skills

Achieving level 5 work skills in Pals requires meticulous selection and breeding strategies.

Breeding Techniques

Players can optimize their choices by generating 116 Pals of the same kind and then utilizing mass breeding techniques.

Unrestricted Application of Fruit Skills to Pals

In the game, players have the flexibility to apply any fruit skill to Pals regardless of their elemental type, unlike in Pokémon where such restrictions apply.

Unique Combinations

This allows for unique combinations such as giving a water-based Pal a fire ability.

Efficient Pal Healing with Quick Revive Trick

Utilizing the Quick Revive trick in the game allows players to rapidly heal knocked out Pals by placing them near a bed.

Rapid Recovery

This method circumvents the usual lengthy recovery time, offering a significant time-saving advantage during gameplay, especially in critical moments or battles.

Understanding Pal World’s IV System

In Pal World, the Individual Value (IV) system influences Pal stats, with most Pals having an average 50% effectiveness on their stats.

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Perfect IVs

While players can hunt for perfect IV Pals, the marginal increase in effectiveness means it’s not a crucial aspect to obsess over.

Minor Detail

Knowing about perfect Pals and being aware of the IV system can enhance gameplay, but it’s not necessary to stress over achieving perfect IVs due to the randomness involved.


Palworld has a plethora of glitches, tricks, and strategies that players can leverage to enhance their gameplay experience. From exploiting AI bugs for easy kills to optimizing Pal selection for enhanced efficiency, mastering these techniques can elevate one’s gameplay to new heights.

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1. Is exploiting glitches considered cheating in Palworld?

  • No, exploiting glitches is not considered cheating as long as it doesn’t involve external tools or software manipulation.

2. Are there any risks involved in exploiting these glitches?

  • While most glitches in Palworld are harmless, some may result in unexpected game behavior or crashes. It’s essential to use them cautiously.

3. Can these glitches be patched in future updates?

  • Developers regularly release patches and updates to address glitches and improve gameplay. It’s possible that some of these exploits may be patched in future updates.

4. Do these glitches work across all platforms?

  • Glitches may behave differently across various platforms and game versions. It’s recommended to verify their functionality based on the specific platform and game version.

5. Are there any ethical considerations regarding glitch exploitation?

  • While glitch exploitation is generally accepted within the gaming community, some players may consider it unethical. It’s essential to respect other players’ gaming experiences and avoid exploiting glitches in competitive or multiplayer settings.

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