How to Fix Pals Not Eating and Getting Sick Problem, Easy Guide | Palworld

How to Fix Pals Not Eating and Getting Sick Problem

Palworld is an engaging game that offers a unique blend of simulation and strategy. However, many players face a common challenge: their pals are constantly hungry and getting sick. In this guide, we will explore effective solutions to address this issue and ensure your pals thrive in the game.

Checking the Basics in palworld

Checking the Basics
Verify Basket Contents

Ensure that your pals’ food baskets are well-stocked. Sometimes, a simple check can reveal that the problem lies in the availability of food.

Pal Pathing Issues

Understand the importance of proper pathing and AI behavior for your pals. Discover how pathing challenges can lead to starvation and sickness.

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Troubleshooting Pal Hunger

Pals Not Eating
Power Box Manipulation
Identifying Stuck Pals

Learn how to identify if your pals are stuck in unreachable locations, causing them to miss out on the available food. We’ll discuss practical steps to resolve this issue.

Power Box Manipulation

Explore the use of the power box to reset your pals’ positions. This quick trick can help them overcome obstacles and head straight to the food source.

Construction Challenges

Delve into the construction aspects of Palworld. Uncover the limitations of AI when it comes to navigating through your base and learn effective workarounds.

Addressing Sleep Deprivation

Pals Not Eating
Addressing Sleep Deprivation
Bed Assignment Strategies

Discover the importance of proper bed assignments for your pals. Lack of sleep can lead to sickness and agitation, affecting your pals’ overall well-being.

Ensuring Beds Are Usable

Learn how to ensure that the beds you’ve constructed are functional. We’ll discuss common issues players face with bed usage and provide solutions.

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Sleep Location Optimization

Optimize the location of sleeping spots for your pals. Find out how this simple adjustment can significantly impact their sleep patterns.

Additional Tips for a Healthy Pal Environment

Testing Location Suitability

Explore methods to test the suitability of locations in your base. We’ll guide you on identifying problematic areas and making the necessary adjustments.

Encouraging Productivity

Learn how to encourage productivity among your pals. Discover strategies to make sure they engage in activities like cooking and building.

Addressing Base-Specific Issues

Understand that different bases may have unique challenges. We’ll tackle specific scenarios and provide tailored solutions.


In conclusion, mastering the art of ensuring your pals are well-fed and healthy in Palworld involves a combination of understanding AI behavior, addressing construction challenges, and optimizing sleep arrangements. By implementing the strategies outlined in this guide, you’ll pave the way for a successful gaming experience.

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1: How often should I check my pals’ food baskets?

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Regular checks are crucial. Aim to inspect their baskets at least once every in-game day.

2: Can AI pathing issues be completely resolved in the current game version?

Unfortunately, due to the game’s early access status, AI pathing is an ongoing work in progress. Be patient, and stay updated on patches.

3: What if my pals still refuse to sleep in designated beds?

Try relocating the beds or providing additional options nearby. Pal preferences can vary.

4: Are there specific construction materials that enhance AI pathing?

As of now, no specific materials guarantee flawless AI pathing. Experiment with different layouts to find what works best for your base.

5: How can I improve overall pal satisfaction in Palworld?

Ensuring a consistent supply of food, addressing pathing issues, and providing comfortable sleeping arrangements contribute to overall pal satisfaction.

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