Top 5 Glitches After New Update You Must Know | Palworld

Top 5 Glitches After New Update

So in this guide, we’ll explore five essential glitches and tricks in Palworld that you must exploit to your advantage. These glitches can significantly enhance your gameplay experience, offering you unique advantages and shortcuts within the game. Whether you are a seasoned player or just starting your Palworld journey, these glitches are worth incorporating into your gameplay strategy.

1. Duplication Glitches: Multiply Your Resources

Let’s kick things off with a glitch that allows you to duplicate various materials effortlessly. Whether it’s ores, crafting items, or resources, this glitch lets you amass an abundance of materials in no time.

To execute this glitch, follow these steps:

1. Remove any worker Pals from your base.

2. Stand at the edge of your base and access the crafting menu.

3. Select the item or materials you wish to duplicate.

4. Place the selected item on the ground and simultaneously move backward to cancel the crafting process.

5. Transfer the materials to a chest and observe the increase in quantity.

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This glitch enables players to amass large quantities of resources quickly, providing a significant advantage in the game.

2. Instant Revive Glitch: Revive Your Pals Instantly

Tired of waiting for your pals to revive after being defeated? This glitch offers a quick solution to instantly revive your fallen pals, saving you precious time during intense gameplay moments.

To utilize this glitch, follow these simple steps:

1. Place your defeated pals inside the viewing cage.

2. Remove them from the cage, and they’ll be instantly revived, ready to rejoin the action.

This glitch is particularly useful when players need to deploy their pals promptly without waiting for them to recover naturally.

3. Catch Any Boss Glitch: Capture Tower Bosses with Ease

Capturing powerful tower bosses is a crucial aspect of Palworld, and this glitch simplifies the process, allowing you to capture these formidable creatures effortlessly.

Follow these steps to catch any tower boss:

1. Approach a settlement with security guards.

2. Provoke the guards to become wanted.

3. Teleport to the location of the tower boss.

4. Position yourself between the tower boss and the guards, allowing the guards to damage the boss.

5. Once the boss is weakened, capture it using a capture sphere.

By utilizing this glitch, players can capture powerful tower bosses with minimal effort, enhancing their Pal collection significantly.

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4. Catch Any Pal You Want Glitch: Customize Your Pal Collection

Catch Any Pal You Want Glitc

Looking to expand your Pal collection with specific creatures? This glitch enables you to reset the Pal encounters in dungeons, giving you the opportunity to capture the Pal of your choice.

To catch any Pal you desire, follow these steps:

1. Enter a dungeon and locate the boss room.

2. If encountering Pal is not desired, backtrack to the previous room and re-enter the boss room.

3. Repeat this process until you encounter the desired Pal.

With this glitch, players can efficiently acquire their preferred Pals without extensive searching or grinding.

5. Sky Jump Glitch: Reach New Heights

Need to access elevated areas or traverse the map quickly? The Sky Jump glitch allows you to soar to new heights by utilizing a simple trick involving a capture sphere and a glider.

To perform the Sky Jump glitch, follow these steps:

1. Capture an animal using a capture sphere.

2. Stand on top of the captured animal.

3. Activate the glider, and the captured animal will launch you into the sky, granting you access to elevated locations.

This glitch offers a fun and unconventional method of traversing the game world, granting access to otherwise inaccessible areas.

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Reference: MillGaming


These glitches in Palworld provide players with unique advantages and shortcuts that can significantly enhance their gameplay experience. From resource duplication to instant revives and boss captures, each glitch offers its own set of benefits. While some may argue against exploiting glitches, they remain an integral part of the gaming experience for many players, adding an extra layer of excitement and strategy to the game.

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1. Are these glitches officially endorsed by the game developers?

No, these glitches are not officially endorsed or supported by the game developers. They are player-discovered exploits that may be patched in future updates.

2. Can using glitches result in a ban or penalties?

While using glitches may provide temporary advantages, they can also violate the game’s terms of service and lead to penalties or bans if detected by the developers.

3. Do these glitches work on all platforms?

The effectiveness of these glitches may vary across different platforms and game versions. It’s essential to verify their functionality on your specific platform.

4. Are there any risks associated with using these glitches?

Like any exploit, using these glitches carries inherent risks, including potential game instability, unintended consequences, or detection by anti-cheat systems.

5. Will these glitches be patched in future updates?

It’s possible that these glitches will be addressed in future game updates as developers continually strive to improve game balance and eliminate exploits.

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