Complete Radio Silence Quest Guide | Gray Zone Warfare

Radio Silence Quest Guide

Radio Silence Quest
Radio Silence Quest Guide

In Gray Zone Warfare, completing the “Radio Silence Quest” is crucial. By shutting down their radio equipment, you protect your team’s transmissions and gain a tactical advantage.

This guide covers these playable factions (Crimson Shield and Mithras Security Systems) and provides clear steps to ensure mission success.

The Mission Breakdown:

Radio Silence Quest
Radio Silence Quest Guide

1. Locate the Target House: The first step depends on your faction. Refer to the in-game map and find the house marked on the outskirts of the city. Here’s a breakdown for each faction:

    • Crimson Shield: Head south of the city and find the house in grid squares 140–164. It’s situated near the motel, so keep an eye out for that landmark.
    • Mithras Security Systems: Make your way to the southwestern corner of the city. The house you seek is in grid square 171-116, right by a gas station.
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2. Silent Infiltration: Once you locate the house, proceed with caution. The enemy AI patrols the area, so stay hidden and use cover to avoid detection. Silenced weapons and melee attacks are best here. If an alarm is raised, be prepared for a fight.

Radio Silence Quest
proceed with caution

3. Disable the Radio Equipment: Once inside the house, climb the stairs and head towards the upper floor. The enemy’s radio equipment is usually located in a room with control panels or communication devices. Look for blinking lights or antennas as clues.

Radio Silence Quest
Disable the Radio Equipment

4. Sabotage and Escape: Approach the radio equipment and interact with it to initiate the sabotage animation. Once disabled, get ready to make a quick getaway!

5. Extraction: Check your in-game map and locate the nearest extraction point marked “Charlie 1” or “Charlie 2.” Fight your way through any remaining enemies, or use smoke grenades and flanking maneuvers to reach the extraction zone.

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Faction-Specific Tips:

  • Crimson Shield: Be wary of snipers positioned around the house. Use smoke grenades and cover to reach the upper floor safely.
  • Mithras Security Systems: The gas station close by might attract enemy scavengers. Be mindful of potential flanking attempts while securing the radio.

Remember: By following these steps, considering the faction-specific details, and using your best soldier instincts, you’ll be well on your way to completing the Radio Silence quest. This ensures your communications remain secure, giving your team a tactical edge in the Gray Zone Warfare.

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