Skull and Bones Season 1 Patch Notes: Raging Tides – What’s New

Skull and Bones Season 1 Patch Notes

Season 1 Patch Notes
Season 1 Patch Notes: Raging Tides (Image courtesy: Ubisoft)

Skull and Bones has officially launched its Season 1 Patch Notes: Raging Tides, bringing a wave of fresh content, challenging adversaries, and various bug fixes to improve the pirate life experience game.

New Adversaries

Prepare to confront the formidable Philippe La Peste, famously known as the “Plague King,” and his menacing Fleet of Pestilence.

Seasonal Gameplay Features


The advance guard of the Fleet of Pestilence, known as Plaguebringers, will emerge across the game world. Defeating them yields valuable rewards, such as “Plaguebringer Captain Heads.” As players continue to vanquish Plaguebringer ships, they escalate the Fleet’s hostility level. Beyond a certain threshold, players may encounter powerful adversaries dispatched by the Fleet, offering a chance to secure rare items.

Kingpin Bounties

Week 2: March 5 – 26, 2024

Introducing Zamaharibu with the Jaws of Retribution.

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Week 5: March 26 – April 16, 2024

Prepare to face Anguish from the Abyss with Rode Maangodin.

Seasonal Contracts

Players can engage in three unique contracts: The African Ailment, The Pursuing Plague, and The Encroaching Epidemic. Completion of these contracts rewards players with seasonal vanities for their captains and ships. Additionally, a repeatable contract, Peste Control, tasks players with delivering Plaguebringer Captain heads to Robin Blackwood in exchange for Silver and White Skull Gin.

Smuggler Pass

A mysterious messenger has docked at Sainte-Anne, offering new blueprints from distant lands. While these blueprints are not available for purchase, players can complete challenges to unlock them.

New Ship Equipment


A revolutionary lightweight cannon boasts enhanced power, accuracy, and reduced recoil at the expense of range.

Wailing Ward

An engineered defense mechanism resistant to toxic attacks, crafted by La Peste’s allies.

La Peste Schematics I

This upgrade increases damage to enemy ships’ weak points by 10% and reveals weak points on the Fleet of Pestilence.

Updated Gameplay Mechanics

Legendary Heist

Players engaging in the Heist encounter heightened threats from ambushers, with increased spawn rates and frequency.

Hostile Takeover

Manufactories involved in Hostile Takeover Opportunities now accommodate increased participation based on player engagement.

Ship Perks and Equipment

The Bedar’s Lancer perk has been adjusted to mitigate the flooding status effect damage dealt, ensuring fair combat encounters. Additionally, the ship rank max cap has been increased from 11 to 12.

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Captain’s Logbook, Tutorial, Goods & Resources

Captain’s Logbook: When performing a “View in Map” from a Contract giver, the logbook tabs are now disabled, and the Player can only be in the map tab, streamlining navigation and enhancing player focus.

Tutorial: Various world event tutorials have been updated to include group gameplay recommendations, ensuring players are well-equipped to tackle challenges together.

Goods & Resources: The cooldown for using consumable items is now reset after a player is sunk and respawns at sea, allowing for more strategic use of resources during intense battles.

Contracts and World Events

Contract Spawn Rates: For Contract “Unwelcome Aboard,” the Skirmisher spawn rate has been reduced, offering a more balanced and challenging encounter for players.

World Event Invite Conditions: The invite condition for “The Colonial Ship” World Event has been changed to Infamy Tier 9, Cutthroat, ensuring that players of appropriate skill levels can participate in this thrilling event.

Graphics, Controls, Audio, Accessibility, Achievements, and Miscellaneous

Graphics: The resolution of various dialogue cutscenes has been improved, enhancing visual fidelity and immersion.

Controls: A control input that previously allowed players to unlock Helm upgrades without viewing the details has been fixed, ensuring a smoother and more intuitive gameplay experience.

Audio: Robotic voices that were present during dialogue scenes for certain contracts have been rectified, providing a more immersive audio experience.

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Accessibility: The narration feature now reads button labels in the Chat Window, enhancing accessibility for players with visual impairments.

Achievements: The ‘Pirate Assemble’ trophy now unlocks correctly for players who join a group of friends, resolving an issue with achievement unlocking.

Other: To reduce crashes brought on by device memory problems, more engine improvements have been included, guaranteeing a more stable and entertaining gaming experience for every player.


Skull and Bones’ Season 1 patch, Raging Tides, introduces a wealth of new content, gameplay features, and quality-of-life improvements, promising an exhilarating and immersive pirate experience for players.

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1. Is Skull and Bones Season 1 available for all platforms?

  • Yes, the Skull and Bones Season 1 patch, Raging Tides, is available for all supported platforms.

2. Are the new adversaries in Season 1 challenging to defeat?

  • Yes, players can expect formidable challenges from adversaries like Philippe La Peste and the Fleet of Pestilence.

3. How do I obtain seasonal vanities for my captain and ship?

  • Completing unique contracts such as The African Ailment and The Pursuing Plague rewards players with seasonal vanities.

4. What are the key highlights of the new ship equipment introduced in Season 1?

  • Season 1 introduces revolutionary ship equipment like the Carronade, boasting enhanced power and accuracy, and the Wailing Ward, providing defense against toxic attacks.

5. Are there any significant changes to gameplay mechanics in Season 1?

  • Yes, Season 1 brings adjustments to various gameplay mechanics such as Legendary Heist encounters and Hostile Takeover opportunities, enhancing overall gameplay dynamics.

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