New Silenced Guns & New Strategems Coming To The Game | Helldivers 2

New Silenced Guns & New Strategems

Silenced Guns
Helldivers 2 New Silenced Guns & New Strategems

Helldivers 2 is amplifying the action with a Strategems arsenal upgrade! Gear up for silenced Guns that let you infiltrate enemy lines undetected, and deploy Strategems to fortify your defenses.

Overview of New Strategems

Trench Wall

Silenced Guns
Trench Wall (Image Courtesy: WiLLiSGaming)

This handy cover with a mounted machine gun to provide temporary protection and additional firepower. While its effectiveness against various enemy types remains to be seen, it could prove invaluable against automatons.

Commando Rocket Launcher

Silenced Guns
Commando Rocket Launcher (Image Courtesy: WiLLiSGaming)

This multi-missile launcher packs a punch, resembling the classic Commando Rocket Launcher. While gameplay footage is unavailable, expect a salvo of rockets from this sizeable weapon.

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The New Silenced Guns

BR14 Adjudicator

Silenced Guns
BR14 Adjudicator (Image Courtesy: WiLLiSGaming)

This accurate, armor-penetrating rifle is ideal for taking down medium-sized enemies. With a damage output of 80, a 25-round capacity, moderate recoil (50), and a fire rate of 550, the Adjudicator is a reliable marksman rifle for precise engagements.

AR20L Justice Sniper

Silenced Guns
AR20L Justice Sniper (Image Courtesy: WiLLiSGaming)

Release destructive force with this high-caliber sniper rifle. Boasting impressive damage and penetration capabilities, the Justice Sniper features medium armor penetration, a 20-round magazine, manageable recoil (50), and a fire rate of 550. This primary weapon allows for immediate deployment and long-range elimination of high-priority targets.

AR48 Truth Whisperer AR

Silenced Guns
AR48 Truth Whisperer AR (Image Courtesy: WiLLiSGaming)

Calling all stealthy operatives! This silenced assault rifle boasts a built-in suppressor, perfect for staying undetected in critical missions. It offers light armor penetration, a 30-round capacity, zero recoil, and a remarkable fire rate of 750.


The upcoming Update of Helldivers 2 promises an exhilarating gameplay experience enriched by the introduction of new silenced guns and strategems. With a focus on versatility, precision, and strategic depth, these additions are poised to captivate both veteran players and newcomers alike, ensuring countless hours of immersive cooperative action in the war-torn universe of Helldivers.

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1. When is the release date for Helldivers 2?

  • As of now, an official release date for Helldivers 2 has not been announced. Stay tuned for updates from the developers.

2. Will these new weapons and strategems be available from the start of the game?

  • While details regarding the availability of these new additions are scarce, it’s likely that players will unlock them progressively as they progress through the game.

3. Can these new strategems be used in single-player mode?

  • Yes, players will have the option to utilize the new strategems in both single-player and multiplayer modes, enhancing their tactical options regardless of the chosen playstyle.

4. Are there any other significant changes or additions expected in Helldivers 2?

  • Apart from the new weapons and strategems discussed in this article, additional features and improvements are anticipated in Helldivers 2. Keep an eye out for further announcements from the developers.
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5. Will there be cross-platform compatibility for Helldivers 2?

  • While cross-platform compatibility has not been confirmed, it’s a feature that many fans are hoping to see in Helldivers 2, fostering a unified player community across different platforms.

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