Best Bastion and Pyroknight Skill Showcase and Comparison | Soul Knight Prequel

Bastion and Pyroknight Skill
Bastion and Pyroknight Skill

Bastion and Pyroknight Skill Showcase

This article dives deep into the skill sets of two powerful Soul Knight Prequel classes: Bastion and Pyroknight. We’ll explore each class’s unique abilities, helping you choose the best one for your playstyle.

Bastion Class Skill Overview


The Bastion class in Soul Knight, a unique fusion of archer and aegis, brings a formidable set of skills to the battlefield. Let’s delve into its arsenal:

1. Aimbot (Passive)


Enhancing the effect of Mark, Aimbot makes the target more vulnerable, reducing their defense by 15/20/25/30%. Stacks up to 3 times, creating a deadly synergy with the archer’s mark.

2. Human Bunker

Human Bunker
Human Bunker

Gain bonus attack speed and damage reduction with Human Bunker. Build a fortress, sacrificing movement speed for a 75/100/125/150% increase in attack speed and 25% damage reduction.

3. Automech Arbalest

Automech Arbalest

Construct an arbalest turret with Automech Arbalest, summoning 1/2/3/4 ballista traps. These traps deal 100% piercing damage, providing strategic battlefield control.

4. Saturated Firepower (Passive)

Saturated Firepower

After defeating enemies, Saturated Firepower offers a chance to launch more projectiles for a brief period. A 20% chance to increase 1/2/3/4 additional projectiles adds a burst of offensive power.

5. Rain Of Arrow- Ourea

Rain Of Arrow

Unleash a sequence of powerful shots with Rain Of Arrow- Ourea, pounding enemies in the designated area. With a 30% chance to daze and 180/200/220/240% bludgeoning damage, it’s a devastating area-of-effect skill.

6. Rebuke

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Block all incoming damage and knock back surrounding enemies with Rebuke. Automatic casting with Human Bunker, it deals 60/80/100/120% bludgeoning damage, providing both offense and defense.

7. Armored To The Teeth (Passive)

Armored to the Teeth

Armored To The Teeth converts a percentage of your defense to physical attack, adding a unique layer to the class’s offensive capabilities. Convert 20/30/40/50% defense to attack power.

Pyroknight Class Skill Overview


In the realm of Soul Knight, the Pyroknight class combines the might of a warrior and pyromancer. Let’s explore its fiery prowess:

1. Blazing Soul (Passive)

Blazing Soul

Your very soul is ablaze with Blazing Soul, continuously burning enemies around you. As your battlelust stacks increase, so does your fire damage. A dynamic system where higher battlelust levels deal 10/20/30/40% fire damage by 2/3/4/5%.

2. Fireblade Ward

Fireblade Ward

Encircle yourself with a perimeter of flaming swords using Fireblade Ward, consuming all battlelust. The more battlelust, the more swords created, dealing 45/60/75/90% fire damage.

3. Scorching Breath

Scorching Breath

Spew flames that scorch enemies and smelt their armor with Scorching Breath. Deal 60/80/100/120% fire damage, reducing enemy armor by 30/40/50/60 and fire resistance by 15/20/25/30.

4. Enduring Flame (Passive)

Enduring Flame

Enduring Flame enhances life recovery, restoring a small amount of life upon taking damage. With doubled effects when Pyroclad is active, receive HP recovery +20/40/60/80% of 4/6/8/10% STR.

5. Searing Colossus

Searing Colossus

Draw enemies together with a thermic blastwave and summon a powerful fire colossus with Searing Colossus. Dealing 120/180/240/300% fire damage and restoring HP of 50/75/100/125% STR, the colossus lasts up to 30 seconds.

6. Fiery Smite

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Fiery Smite

Infuse your weapon with the power of fire using Fiery Smite. Melee hits have a chance to explode on enemies, locking 50% of mana limit. Melee attacks deal an additional 90/120/150/180% fire damage, stackable with other skills.

7. Igneous Transmutation (Passive)

Igneous Transmutation

Igneous Transmutation adds a percentage of your intelligence to attack power, converting +30/45/60/75% intelligence to attack.

Exploring Class Skill Sets

Understanding the unique skill sets of each class is crucial for mastering Soul Knight. Whether you choose the versatile Bastion or the fiery Pyroknight, strategic use of these skills will elevate your gameplay.

Time-Saving Tips for Skill Mastery

Short on time but eager to unlock the full potential of your chosen class? We’ve compiled some time-saving tips to help you master your skills efficiently.

Comparing Bastion and Pyroknight Classes

Choosing between the Bastion and Pyroknight classes can be challenging. Let’s compare their offensive capabilities, defensive strategies, and team synergy to guide your decision.

1. Offensive Capabilities

While Bastion excels in ranged attacks, Pyroknight dominates in close combat. Understanding their offensive strengths will help you tailor your playstyle accordingly.

2. Defensive Strategies

Bastion’s defensive prowess lies in damage reduction, while Pyroknight relies on life recovery and armor reduction. Choose your class based on your preferred defensive approach.

3. Team Synergy

Consider how each class complements your team. Bastion provides excellent support from a distance, while Pyroknight can become a frontline powerhouse. Build a balanced team for maximum effectiveness.

Strategies for Efficient Gameplay

Navigating the challenging levels of Soul Knight requires strategic thinking. Whether embarking on solo adventures or coordinating with a team, these strategies will enhance your gameplay.

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1. Solo Adventures

For solo players, focusing on Bastion’s long-range capabilities or Pyroknight’s close-quarters combat will provide the best chance of success. Mastering evasion and strategic skill use is key.

2. Team Dynamics

In team settings, coordinate with your teammates to maximize the synergy between classes. Bastion can provide cover fire, while Pyroknight takes on frontline duties. Communication is crucial for success.

3. Navigating Challenging Levels

Certain levels pose unique challenges. Tailor your strategy based on the enemies and obstacles you encounter. Adaptability is the key to overcoming these hurdles.


In the vast world of Soul Knight, the Bastion and Pyroknight classes offer unique and exciting gameplay experiences. Mastering their skills and understanding their strengths is the key to becoming a formidable force in the game.

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1. How do I unlock these classes?

To unlock the Bastion and Pyroknight classes, progress through the game and achieve specific milestones. Keep playing and exploring to discover these powerful classes.

2. What is the recommended gear for the Bastion class?

Equip the Bastion class with gear that enhances ranged attacks and boosts defense. Focus on items that complement the class’s playstyle for optimal performance.

3. Can I respect my skill points?

Currently, Soul Knight doesn’t provide an option to respec skill points. Plan your skill point allocation carefully to align with your preferred playstyle.

4. Are there any hidden abilities not mentioned in the showcase?

Soul Knight is known for surprises. Explore the game thoroughly to discover potential hidden abilities and secret synergies for each class.

5. Where can I find the best in-game resources?

Explore different levels and defeat bosses to obtain the best in-game resources. Experiment with various strategies to maximize your resource collection.

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