New Bug Ultimate Farming Strategy, One Punch & Golden Crab Set | Soul Knight Prequel

New bug: One Punch & Golden Crab Set Farming

New Bug
One Punch & Golden Crab Set Farming

Want the powerful One Punch weapon and Golden Crab Set without the hassle of creating new characters or swapping items between accounts? A new bug exploit in Soul Knight Prequel lets you farm them on your main character, saving you tons of time.

One Punch in Soul Knight  prequel

New Bug
One Punch in Soul Knight  prequel

Tired of spending hours grinding for the legendary One Punch weapon? In Soul Knight Prequel, a special trick lets you farm it on your main character, saving you tons of time. With this powerful weapon in your hand, you’ll be knocking out enemies with a single satisfying blow!

Stats and Enhancements

Farming Strategy
Stats and Enhancements

One Punch packs a serious punch! At +9, it deals a whopping 842 damage. Consider Fatebound enhancements for even more power, but be prepared for a longer cooldown.

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Soul Knight Prequel lets you pick special upgrades that make it even stronger. Choose the ones you like best to fit your fighting style. Conquer Soul Knight Prequel with your ultimate One Punch.

The Giant Golden Snapclaw

Golden Crab Set
Meet the Giant Golden Snapclaw

This trick is perfect for players who want to cut down on the grind and focus on enjoying the game. The One Punch is a devastating red weapon that deals incredible damage, while the Golden Crab Set is a special set you can only get through this exploit. To get these powerful items, you’ll need to face the Giant Golden Snapclaw, a formidable boss that stands in your way.

Here’s how the exploit works:

Farming Strategy
Seamless Farming Process
  • Begin your quest at the Crystal. This is your starting point for the farming loop.
  • Fight your way through the first 3 rooms. These initial rooms are a warm-up for the real challenge ahead.
  • Before battling the Golden Crab boss, turn off your internet connection. This crucial step is what triggers the exploit.
  • Defeat the boss as usual, and see if it drops the item you want. Here’s where the farming comes in: if you don’t get the item you’re looking for, you can close the game and try again without losing progress.
  • If you don’t get the desired item, close the game when you get a connection error message. This message appears because you intentionally turned off your internet in step 3.
  • Turn your internet back on, re-enter the game, and repeat the quest. By turning off your internet and then reconnecting, you’re essentially forcing the game to reroll the loot drops for the boss.
  • Keep repeating until you get the item you’re after. The more you repeat the loop, the higher your chances of getting the One Punch or a piece of the Golden Crab Set.
  • Only turn your internet back on for good after you’ve successfully farmed the items. Once you have everything you want, you can turn your internet back on and continue playing normally.
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Farming Strategy
Time-Saving Marvel
  • It saves time compared to creating new characters or transferring items.
  • Allows players to focus on gameplay while acquiring powerful gear.


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Note: This exploit might be considered cheating by some players.

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1. What is this bug exploit all about?

  • This exploit allows you to farm the powerful One Punch weapon and exclusive Golden Crab Set on your main character in Soul Knight Prequel. It saves time compared to creating new characters or transferring items.

2. Is this cheating?

  • Some players might consider this cheating as it gives you an unfair advantage.

3. How does the exploit work?

  • The exploit involves manipulating the game’s connection to force a re-roll of boss loot drops. You turn off your internet before fighting the Golden Crab boss, and if you don’t get the desired item, you close the game during the connection error message. Reconnecting and repeating the quest allows you to try again for the item.
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4. Is there a risk of getting banned for using this exploit?

  • While unlikely, there’s a small chance the developers might take action against players who exploit the game excessively. It’s best to use this trick at your own discretion.

5. What if I accidentally turn my internet back on before I’m done farming?

  • You won’t lose your progress, but you’ll have to defeat the boss again without the exploit’s benefit. Just turn off your internet again and repeat the process.

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