A Guide to 5 Key Locations, Hidden Secrets | Skull and Bones

A Guide to 5 Key Locations

5 Key Locations

Skull and Bones offers a vast open world for pirates to explore, filled with treasures, dangers, and hidden secrets. To aid you in your plundering adventures, here’s a detailed guide to some 5 key locations:

Telok Penjarah:

5 Key Locations
Telok Penjarah
  • Description: A pirate haven rumored to house powerful ship blueprints.
  • Location: Northeast of Sainte-Anne, across the treacherous Open Seas.
  • Getting there: Prepare for a challenging journey! Brace yourself for storms and skirmishes while navigating your compass northeast. Take the safer, yet longer route by heading north to Moyenne Crique, then Three Brothers, and finally reaching Return Fleet Bight before crossing to Telok Penjarah.
  • Caution: This area is suitable for higher-level players with sturdy ships.

Moyenne Cirque:

5 Key Locations
Moyenne Cirque
  • Description: A valuable outpost housing ship blueprints.
  • Location: North of Sainte-Anne on the Red Isle, in L’Escale.
  • Getting there: A relatively easy sail from Sainte-Anne, with a distance of just over 5,000 meters.
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5 Key Locations
  • Description: A pirate base rumored to hold riches and secrets.
  • Location: Naga Coast region in the East Indies, near the Oosten Capital.
  • Getting there: Sail across the Naga Coast and explore the southern section until you reach the center.

Ruined Lighthouse:

5 Key Locations
Ruined Lighthouse
  • Description: An outpost offering supplies and information.
  • Location: East Indies, between the Cendono Strait and the Nilam Sea.
  • Getting there: Navigate your way through the Cendono Strait or the Nilam Sea based on your preferred route.
  • Note: Telok Penjarah is located south of the Ruined Lighthouse.

Ghost Ship:

5 Key Locations
Ghost Ship
  • Description: A legendary spectral vessel offering unique challenges and rewards.
  • Location: The Oubliette outpost on an island southwest of the Red Isle.
  • Getting there: Find the strange rogue at The Oubliette and accept the “Oceans Apart” contract for a chance to encounter the Ghost Ship.

Additional Tips:

  • Consult your world map for visual references, and plan your routes accordingly.
  • Upgrade your ship and crew to handle tougher challenges in dangerous regions.
  • Be mindful of weather conditions and enemy encounters during your travels.
  • Explore freely and uncover hidden coves and treasures beyond these specific locations.
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1. Where is Telok Penjarah?

  • Northeast of Sainte-Anne, across the treacherous Open Seas. Be prepared for storms and skirmishes!

2. How do I get to Moyenne Cirque?

  • It’s north of Sainte-Anne on the Red Isle, an easy sail with blueprints waiting.

3. Where’s the Necropolis hidden?

  • Explore the Naga Coast’s southern section in the East Indies, near the Oosten Capital. Pirate secrets await!

4. Can you tell me more about the Ruined Lighthouse?

  • Supplies and information await between the Cendono Strait and Nilam Sea. Telok Penjarah lies south.

5. How do I find the Ghost Ship?

  • Head to The Oubliette outpost southwest of the Red Isle. Seek the “Oceans Apart” contract for a ghostly encounter.
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6. Where can I find powerful ship blueprints?

  • Telok Penjarah and Moyenne Cirque are both known for housing valuable blueprints.

7. How do I upgrade my ship and crew?

  • Resources and upgrades can be found at outposts and through exploration. 

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