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Soul Knight New Hero WARLIEGE

Chillyroom has recently revealed a captivating crossover event, accompanied by a series of intriguing videos. In this article, we will explore these articles to uncover their secrets and learn more about them. the latest addition to Soul Knight‘s roster of heroes: Warliege.

Unlocking Crossover Contents

Unlocking Crossover Contents

Navigate to the Event Menu: To embark on your journey to unlock the crossover contents, start by accessing the event menu within Soul Knight.

Click on Crossover Event: Within the event menu, locate and click on the crossover event to initiate your adventure.

Complete Crossover Event Quests: Engage in various crossover event quests to earn rewards, including gift codes that can be redeemed within Soul Knight for a plethora of enticing content.

Redeemable Rewards

Acquire New Character “Warliege”: Use the given gift code to unlock the formidable new character, Warliege, located in Chillstead Village.

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Obtain “Blueprint: Frontier Crossbow”: By redeeming the gift code, players can secure the blueprint for the powerful Frontier Crossbow after clearing any dungeon area three times.

Attain “Companion: Zhaocai”: Achieve level 10 with a seasonal character to unlock the esteemed companion, Zhaocai, through the redemption of a gift code.

Warliege’s Position in the House of Knights

Warliege’s Position in the House of Knights

Upon obtaining Warliege, players are eager to discern his position within the esteemed House of Knights. As glimpsed in the videos, Warliege is poised beside the arcade, drawing inspiration from the iconic throne of Game of Thrones fame.

Warliege’s Arsenal: Skills and Weaponry

Character Skills

Warliege’s skills exhibit remarkable versatility, particularly when he comes into contact with a poison pool, imbuing his abilities with potent poison effects.

Passive Abilities

His passive ability appears to correlate with his size, as players witness him dynamically changing size during gameplay. This size alteration not only enhances his stature but also potentially augments his damage output, aligning with Soul Knight’s prequel material.

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Warliege wields a distinctive weapon, the Enigma Great Sword, a departure from the conventional shield-and-short-sword pairing prevalent in Soul Knight’s prequel. This weapon boasts a unique second attack mode, allowing players to hurl the shield for added tactical advantage.

Outfit Inspiration

Warliege’s attire draws inspiration from eclectic sources, providing players with a visually striking ensemble that complements his formidable presence on the battlefield.

New Pet Abilities

The latest addition to Warliege’s entourage is a companion with enhanced abilities, adding depth to the gameplay experience and fostering strategic diversity.

Hidden Gems

Among the myriad revelations, players are treated to a delightful surprise: a new skin for the esteemed knight, inspired by Soul Knight’s Strange Tales 2 and reminiscent of Aaron, the hero knight from May’s world.

Redeeming Gift Codes

To claim these enticing rewards, players must navigate to the settings menu and redeem the provided gift codes promptly. Additionally, it is advisable to initiate cloud save functionality immediately after claiming the gifts to ensure their preservation.


The Warliege and the accompanying crossover event herald an exciting chapter in the Soul Knight saga. With a myriad of rewards to unlock, mysteries to unravel, and secrets to discover, players are poised for an exhilarating adventure in the realms of Soul Knight.

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1. How do I obtain Warliege in Soul Knight?

To acquire Warliege, players must redeem the provided gift code within Soul Knight, accessible through the event menu.

2. What sets Warliege apart from other Soul Knight heroes?

Warliege boasts unique skills and weaponry, including the Enigma Great Sword, setting him apart as a formidable addition to the roster.

3. Can I customize Warliege’s appearance in Soul Knight?

While Warliege comes with a predetermined appearance, players can unlock additional skins and outfits to personalize their gaming experience.

4. Are the crossover event rewards limited-time offers?

Yes, the rewards obtained through the crossover event quests and gift codes are often available for a limited duration, incentivizing players to act swiftly.

5. Is cloud save functionality essential after redeeming gift codes in Soul Knight?

Yes, it is highly recommended to enable cloud save functionality immediately after claiming gift code rewards to safeguard progress and acquisitions.

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