Soul Knight Prequel Fate-Bound Sets | Master Crafting, Customization, and Bonuses

Secrets of Fate-Bound Sets in Soul Knight Prequel

Fate-Bound Sets
Fate-Bound Sets

Today we’re cracking the code on Fate-Bound sets in Soul Knight Prequel. Ever wondered how to get these super strong gear sets that make you unstoppable? Look no further! We’ll break down how Fate-Bound sets work and how to snag them for yourself.

Fate-Bound System

Fate-Bound System
Fate-Bound System

The Fate-Bound system in Soul Knight operates on two fronts, each offering a unique approach to obtaining these specialized sets.

1. Boss-Specific Sets

The first avenue involves sets specific to boss equipment. Crafting these sets requires a strategic use of cards, and here’s the breakdown:

Crafting Mechanism: Players can craft boss-specific sets using cards obtained throughout their gameplay.

Armor Type Assurance: The first three Fate-Bound sets correspond to the armor type of the boss encountered. This ensures a guaranteed match for those specific armor types.

Range Tiers: For the fourth and fifth sets, the range expands to cover various armor tiers, providing flexibility in your equipment choices.

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2. RNG-Based Sets

Fate-Bound Sets
Esoteria Exploration

The second avenue introduces sets generated randomly on specific maps, adding an element of unpredictability to the game.

Esoteria Exploration: In maps like Esoteria, five Fate-Bound sets are scattered. The first three sets align with armor types, mirroring the boss-specific sets.

Guaranteed Armor Match: The first Fate-Bound set on each map guarantees an armor match, while the subsequent two sets cover a range of armor tiers.

Dynamic Weapons and Accessories: Unlike boss-specific sets, weapons, necklaces, and rings in these sets can be any of the five, injecting a burst of excitement into your loot hunting.


Fate-Bound Sets
volcanic Hephaestite

Now, let’s talk about customization. If you’re looking to change the Fate-Bound on your weapons, the magical solution lies in volcanic Hephaestite. Here’s how you can obtain and use it:

Source of Hephaestite: Clearing 10 floors of Valkyria is a reliable method to acquire volcanic Hephaestite. Additionally, there’s a chance of obtaining it by opening treasure chests with keys.

Blacksmith Statue Miracle: Keep an eye out for a blacksmith statue, which sporadically appears. This rare encounter grants you a one-time opportunity to change the Fate-Bound of your weapon without any cost.

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Activating Bonuses

Activating Bonuses

Understanding how to activate the bonuses of Fate-Bound sets is pivotal for optimizing their impact on your gameplay.

Equipment Requirements: To activate the bonus, equip two out of three items with the specific Fate-Bound. This grants you the buff associated with that set.

Maximizing Effect: While two items activate the buff, having all three items of the same Fate-Bound takes it to the maximum, ensuring you harness the full potential of the set.

Fate-Bound Descriptions

If you ever find yourself puzzled by the effects of a particular Fate-Bound set, fear not:

Interactive Descriptions: Simply tap on the set in question, and a detailed description of its effects will be revealed. This interactive feature serves as a helpful guide for players seeking clarity.


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Fate-Bound sets in Soul Knight are like a bonus game! You can build sets to fight specific bosses or find surprises in different areas. It’s like adding your own style with Hephaestite. To get the set powers, pick equipment that matches. Three of the same kind make the powers strongest.

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1. How can I obtain volcanic Hephaestite in the Soul Knight Prequel?

Volcanic Hephaestite can be obtained by clearing 10 floors of Valkyria or by opening treasure chests with keys.

2. Is it necessary to have three items of the same Fate-Bound for maximum effect?

While two out of three items activate the buff, having all three items of the same Fate-Bound maximizes the effect.

3. Can I change the Fate-Bound of my weapon more than once using a blacksmith statue?

No, the blacksmith statue allows you to change the Fate-Bound of your weapon once for free.

4. What is the significance of the first three Fate-Bounds in Esoteria?

The first three Fate-Bounds in Esoteria align with armor types, ensuring a guaranteed match for specific armor types.

5. How can I learn more about the effects of a particular Fate-Bound set?

Simply tap on the Fate-Bound set for a detailed description of its effects and advantages.

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