Soul Knight Prequel | Heretic Skill Showcase (Animancer and Pyromancer Fusion)

Heretic Skill
Heretic Skill Showcase (Animancer and Pyromancer Fusion)

In Soul Knight Prequel, where the Heretic class takes center stage, blending the mystical arts of the Animancer and the fiery prowess of the Pyromancer. In this guide, we’ll explain the intricate details of the Heretic’s skills, uncovering a spellbinding array of abilities that will leave you awestruck.

Heretic Skill

Heretic Skill
Heretic Class

Hybrid Brilliance: Animancer and Pyromancer Fusion

The Heretic class is a mesmerizing fusion of Animancer and Pyromancer, combining the elemental mastery of both disciplines to create a truly unique and powerful character. 

First Passive Skill: Unquenchable Ardor
First Passive Skill: Unquenchable Ardor

Embrace the subtle intricacies of the Heretic’s first passive skill. Watch as embers attach to nearby units, leading to a spectacular explosion upon expiry, transforming even the smallest minions into formidable entities.

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First Active Skill: Thermal Incubation
First Active Skill: Thermal Incubation

Explore the Heretic’s first active skill, a mesmerizing display of pyromancy. Place a circle that generates ember, eventually transforming into a flaming hydra pillar upon activation, ready to unleash fiery chaos upon your enemies.

Second Active Skill: Immolation Ward
Second Active Skill: Immolation Ward

Discover the defensive prowess of the Heretic with the second active skill. Fortify a fiery aura around yourself and allies, gaining a fire shield and inflicting burning damage upon adversaries.

Second Passive Skill: Entropic Dilation
Second Passive Skill: Entropic Dilation

Delve into the Heretic’s second passive skill, enhancing continuous attack duration and burning speed, ensuring that your foes feel the scorching intensity of your every move.

Third Active Skill: Pyromania

Ignite a blaze of destruction with the third active skill. Burn all objects within ailment, spreading the fire ailment to adversaries while granting temporary immunity to your allies. Unleash this power twice in a row for maximum impact.

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Third Passive Skill: Emberborn

Understand the Heretic’s resilience with the third passive skill, increasing fire resistance and converting a percentage of it into bonus fire damage, making them a formidable force in any battle.

Fourth Active Skill: Incinerating Vortex

Experience the Heretic’s fourth active skill—a tornado of flames pulling in enemies and dealing continuous fire damage. Witness the relentless power of this ability as it engulfs everything in its path.

Fatebound Choices for the Heretic

Fatebound Choices for the Heretic
Art of the Spell: Bonus Points Focus

Gain insight into bonus point choices that focus on the art of the spell, enhancing the Heretic’s magical prowess to unprecedented levels.

Striking a Balance: HP, Shade, and Minion Utility

Find equilibrium in the Heretic’s abilities by choosing a balanced ratio of HP, shade, and minion utility. Uncover the versatility that ensures adaptability in any situation.

Bonus Points and Ratios

Unravel the mysteries of bonus points and ratios that elevate the Heretic’s potential. Whether you seek more potent spells, increased HP, or a balance of both, the choices are yours to make.

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Heretic’s Potential

Embark on a journey to unleash the full potential of the Heretic class. Combine the synergies of its skills, tailor its fatebound choices to your playstyle, and become a force to be reckoned with in the Soul Knight Prequel.


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In conclusion, the Heretic class stands as a testament to the harmonious blend of Animancer and Pyromancer arts, offering players a captivating and formidable character. Embrace the flames, manipulate the elements, and let the Heretic redefine your Soul Knight Prequel experience.

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1. Can the Heretic’s third active skill be used strategically?

Yes, the ability to burn objects within ailment and grant temporary immunity to allies makes it a strategic powerhouse.

2. What is the significance of the Heretic’s second passive skill?

The increased continuous attack duration and burning speed significantly enhance the Heretic’s damage output over time.

3. How does the Heretic’s fourth active skill perform in crowd control?

The tornado of flames excels in pulling in enemies, making it a potent crowd control tool.

4. Are there recommended fatebound choices for a more spell-focused Heretic?

Yes, bonus points that focus on spell enhancement can amplify the Heretic’s magical abilities.

5. Can the Heretic adapt to different playstyles?

Absolutely, with balanced fatebound choices, the Heretic can adapt to various playstyles, offering versatility to players.

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